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nasiib bigaa.Dnaa

nasiib biga.Dnaa


to ruin, spoil, mar, vitiate

'izzat bigaa.Dnaa

insult, disgrace, dishonour

vaqt bigaa.Dnaa

'aaqibat bigaa.Dnaa

become a sinner, jeopardize chances of salvation, mar or jeopardize (one's) future state of bliss

naqsha bigaa.Dnaa

beat soundly, thrash

mu.nh bigaa.Dnaa

make a wry face, frown, sulk, pout, grimace

nasiib la.Dnaa

have a stroke of good fortune, to awaking fortune

nasiib pho.Dnaa

nasiib uja.Dnaa

nasiib la.Daanaa

to face the fortune, to try the luck, to do hard work, to try

dharm bigaa.Dnaa

bhaav bigaa.Dnaa

zabaan bigaa.Dnaa

spoil one's tongue, use foul language, use wrong words or idioms

sharh bigaa.Dnaa

aavaa bigaa.Dnaa

shakl bigaa.Dnaa

disfigure, mar, deface

mizaaj bigaa.Dnaa

taking to bad habits bigaa.Dnaa

raah bigaa.Dnaa

daam bigaa.Dnaa

aa.nkhe.n bigaa.Dnaa


whose fortune is blind, unfortunate, unlucky

mahfil bigaa.Dnaa

haisiyyat bigaa.Dnaa

defame, make poor

fasl bigaa.Dnaa

miTTii bigaa.Dnaa

nasiib sa.nvaarnaa


fortune, lot, luck, fate, destiny


of good breeding, belong to good family


whose destiny only is savage

nasiib pho.D denaa

kal bigaa.Dnaa

iimaan bigaa.Dnaa

aaKHirat bigaa.Dnaa

ruup bigaa.Dnaa

disfigure, deface

palastar bigaa.Dnaa

thrash, beat severely

Dhaalaa bigaa.Dnaa

janam bigaa.Dnaa

lead a life of sin, spoil one's life

pantar bigaa.Dnaa

kriyaa bigaa.Dnaa

naamuus bigaa.Dnaa

defame, bring disgrace

kaam bigaa.Dnaa

spoil or mar the work, foil, upset (someone's) apple cart, make a mess of

suurat bigaa.Dnaa

disfigure, deform

chaal bigaa.Dnaa

saakh bigaa.Dnaa

baat bigaa.Dnaa

make a plan fail, ruin one's credit, bring disgrace upon

ghar bigaa.Dnaa

ruin the family, cause discord in the family

aabruu bigaa.Dnaa

naam bigaa.Dnaa

corrupt someone's name, defame

ThaaT bigaa.Dnaa


destined for separation


nasiib ban.naa

nasiib vaalaa

huliya bigaa.Dnaa



one who has victory written in his fate

nasiib chau.nknaa

conditions become favorable, opening of fortunate

nasiib Te.Dhaa honaa

Meaning of nasiib bigaa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

nasiib bigaa.Dnaa

नसीब बिगाड़नाنَصِیب بِگاڑنا

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नसीब बिगाड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बदहाल बना देना, क़िस्मत ख़राब करना

نَصِیب بِگاڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • بدحال بنا دینا ، قسمت خراب کرنا۔

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