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naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj kar denaa

naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj honaa

naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj rahnaa

naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj ho jaanaa

naan-e-shabiina kaa muhtaaj rahnaa

daane daane ko muhtaaj honaa

have nothing to eat, be extremely poor

do daane ko muhtaaj phirnaa

do daane ko muhtaaj honaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii ko muhtaaj honaa

To be pinched for every cowrie, to be in great distress, to be reduced to a beggary.

kau.Dii kau.Dii ko muhtaaj rahnaa

dam.Dii-dam.Dii ko muhtaaj honaa

zamiin ko aasmaa.n kar denaa

kafan ke chiith.De ko muhtaaj honaa

duniyaa-o-maafiihaa ko faraamosh kar denaa

zamiin ko aasmaan kar denaa

Take-Take ko muhtaaj

very poor, penniless, needy of even one penni

vujuud ko hilaa kar rakh denaa

kisii chiiz ko miTTii kar denaa

roTiyo.n ko muhtaaj honaa

naan-e-shabiina ke laale pa.D jaanaa

a dearth of food, extreme starvation

patthar ko paanii kar denaa


bread of dinner, roti of last night

do do daano.n ko mohtaaj honaa

naan-o-nafaqa denaa

KHudaa kisii ko kisii kaa muhtaaj na kare

mard mare naam ko , naa-mard mare naan ko


maintenance-allowance, an allowance of money or land to zamindars, chowdries, qanon-gos as a maintenance, land granted to servants for their subsistence

kau.Dii kau.Dii kaa muhtaaj

Tuk.Do.n kaa muhtaaj honaa

beg for food, to become needy of petty things

kau.Dii kau.Dii kaa muhtaaj rahnaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii kaa muhtaaj honaa

kau.Dii kaa kar denaa

godii phailaa phailaa kar du'aa denaa

give blessings from one's bottom of the heart


raa.ii-kaa.ii kar denaa

mushkilo.n ke pahaa.D kha.De kar denaa

paanii pii pii kar du'aa denaa

do ko.Dii kii shaan kar denaa

do kau.Dii kii baat kar denaa

disgrace, cause disgrace

idhar kii duniyaa udhar kar denaa

bring a revolution, raise the roof

sone kaa mahal kha.Daa kar denaa

dimaaG bhau.nk ke KHaalii kar denaa

maare juutiyo.n ke farsh kar denaa

dushvaar kar denaa

raa.nda-e-dargaah kar denaa

ba.Daa kar denaa

daa.nt chuuhe kii nazr kar denaa

daa.nt chuuhe kii nazar kar denaa

the teeth to fall out, or to be broken

gud.Dii kar denaa

had.Daa kar denaa

guuz-e-shutur kar denaa

to discard a thought or idea, be inconsiderate

do ke chaar kar denaa

ghar kaa gharvaa kar denaa

nashe kaa chuur kar denaa

shaadii kar denaa

vidaa' kar denaa

paivand kar denaa

gaTh.Dii kar denaa

bundle up, tie up

chap.Daa kar denaa

ta.Dkaa kar denaa

Meaning ofSee meaning naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj kar denaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj kar denaa

नान-ए-शबीना को मुहताज कर देनाنان شَبِینَہ کو مُحتاج کَر دینا


नान-ए-शबीना को मुहताज कर देना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अत्यधिक तंग हाथ बना देना, दीवाला निकाल देना

نان شَبِینَہ کو مُحتاج کَر دینا کے اردو معانی


  • سخت تنگ دست بنا دینا، دیوالہ نکال دینا

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naan-e-shabiina ko muhtaaj kar denaa

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