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mushkil aan pa.Dnaa

mushkil pa.Dnaa

difficulty to arise, having trouble

mushkil me.n pa.Dnaa

get into difficulty

aan pa.Dnaa

come down

vaqt aan pa.Dnaa

marhale aan pa.Dnaa

musiibat aan pa.Dnaa

sar par aan pa.Dnaa

mushkil aa pa.Dnaa

mushkil aa pa.Dnaa

musiibat sar par aan pa.Dnaa

mushkil me.n mushkil honaa

mushkil se mushkil

mushkil gha.Dii aanaa



solving or removal of difficulties

mushkil kushaa.ii karnaa



fondness of difficult styles or tasks



difficult, tough, hard, intricate, embodied, incarnate, formed, well-shaped

mushkil me.n pha.nsaanaa

kap.De chhu.Daanaa mushkil honaa

mushkil me.n pha.nsnaa

mushkil aanaa

mushkil Thernaa

mushkil kaTnaa

mushkil banaanaa

mushkil aTaknaa

mushkil kaaTnaa

mushkil pesh aanaa


solution of difficulties or problems


mushkil dar-pesh honaa

mushkil kar denaa

to make difficult, cause a trouble

aan kii aan

aan kii aan me.n

in a moment, in no time

mushkil me.n Daalnaa


fatigue duty, hard and difficult work, a great deal of effort or endurance


a tough situation, tricky matter


one who removes difficulties, disperser or solver of difficulties, one who resolves difficulties


mushkile.n pa.Dnaa

troubles to befall

mushkil muqaam aanaa

aan chhe.Dnaa

raah mushkil honaa

mushkil honaa

aan to.Dnaa

aan a.Dnaa

aan cha.Dhnaa

mushkil duur honaa

yaa 'alii mushkil kushaa

aan kii aan ko


difficult way or path to walk, scramble, hard way, the path in which there is difficulty in traveling

mushkil aasaa.n honaa


enjoying difficult tasks, a person who undertakes such tasks, one who writes complex and difficult prose or poetry

mushkil sahl karnaa

mushkil me.n shariik honaa

mu.nh dikhaanaa mushkil hai


Meaning of mushkil aan pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

mushkil aan pa.Dnaa

मुश्किल आन पड़नाمُشْکِل آن پَڑْنا

Critique us (mushkil aan pa.Dnaa)





मुश्किल आन पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मुश्किल पेश आना, दिक़्क़त या दुशवारी यकायक पेश आना

مُشْکِل آن پَڑْنا کے اردو معانی


  • مشکل پیش آنا ، دقت یا دُشواری یکایک پیش آنا ۔

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