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mu.nh ko kaalik lagaanaa

mu.nh ko kaalak lagaanaa

mu.nh ko kaalak lagnaa

kaalak mu.nh ko lagnaa

mu.nh ko saat tavo.n kii kaalak lagnaa

kaalak mu.nh ko malnaa

mu.nh ko kaalak malnaa

mu.nh ko qufl lagaanaa

saat tavo.n kii kaalak mu.nh ko lag jaanaa

mu.nh ko jhulsaa lagaanaa

mu.nh ko aag lagaanaa

mu.nh me.n kaalik lag jaanaa

kaalak lagaanaa

mu.nh ko lagnaa

a food or drink to become a habit

mu.nh ko qufl lagnaa

mu.nh ko lagnaa

mu.nh ko KHuun lagnaa

develop a bad habit, to gain hunting fun

mu.nh se mu.nh lagaanaa

kaalak kaa haath lagaanaa

mu.nh se mu.nh lagaanaa

mu.nh lagaanaa

show undue favour to, pamper (an inferior), favour unduly

mu.nh ko jo.Dnaa

mu.nh ko mo.Dnaa

dil ko lagaanaa

give or apply heart to, fall in love

Daa.Dhii ko kalap lagaanaa

mu.nh ko baa.ndhnaa

KHuun mu.nh ko lagnaa

mu.nh ko KHuun lagnaa

mu.nh ko lahuu lagnaa

mu.nh lagaanaa

mu.nh me.n lagaanaa

zindagii ko paar lagaanaa

to pass one's life, to endure life

muu.nh lagaanaa

mu.nh ko banvaanaa

mu.nh se lagaanaa

jaan ko 'azaab lagaanaa

qadam ko haath lagaanaa

mu.nh ko qufl denaa

zaKHm ko Taa.nke lagaanaa

stitching a wound

mu.nh ko chhupaanaa

kaalik kaa Tiikaa

the ink spot at forehead point, spot, Metaphorically: infamy, ignominy

dhan ko aag lagaanaa

naam ko dhabba lagaanaa

earn or give bad name, defame

patthar ko jo.nk lagaanaa

mu.nh maa.nge daam lagaanaa

mu.nh na lagaanaa

keep someone away or at arm's length, treat with disdain, discourage someone from being familiar

dil mu.nh ko aanaa

mu.nh ko lagaam do

shut up, keep your mouth shut, hold your tongue

mu.nh udhar ko karnaa

aa.nte.n mu.nh ko aanaa

be very fearful or immensely worried

KHudaa ko mu.nh bataanaa

haath badan ko lagaanaa

mu.nh se lagaanaa

mu.nh par lagaanaa

mu.nh na lagaanaa

khaprii mu.nh me.n lagaanaa

mu.nh me.n muhr lagaanaa

mu.nh ko aanaa

mu.nh ko jhulsaa

mu.nh ko siinaa

Meaning of mu.nh ko kaalik lagaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

mu.nh ko kaalik lagaanaa

मुँह को कालिक लगानाمُنْھ کو کالِک لَگانا

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مُنْھ کو کالِک لَگانا کے اردو معانی


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