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mohabbat uTh kha.Dii honaa

mohabbat uTh jaanaa

love or sympathy to end

uTh kha.Daa honaa

rise, recover

munaaqasha uTh kha.Daa honaa

Gam uTh kha.Daa honaa

maraz uTh kha.Daa honaa

tuufaan uTh kha.Daa honaa

rog uTh kha.Daa honaa

loT-poT uTh kha.Daa honaa

uTh kha.Dnaa

mohabbat me.n a.ndhaa honaa

to make no difference between good and good due to love, to loose sense due to love

gaa.Dii kha.Dii honaa

diivaar kha.Dii honaa

muu.nchhe.n kha.Dii honaa

mohabbat honaa

to be in love

shafaa'at kha.Dii honaa

mohabbat par naazaa.n honaa

to proud of love, pride on love and friendship

tavaqqo' uTh jaana

hope to end

mohabbat-paivast honaa

to fall in love

'imaarat kha.Dii honaa

musiibate.n kha.Dii honaa

shakl kha.Dii honaa

nazar kha.Dii honaa

miizaan kha.Dii honaa

phaa.nsii kha.Dii honaa

vaqr uTh jaanaa

to be disrespected, being put to shame

qadam uTh jaanaa

aadmiyyat uTh jaanaa

human qualities to disappear

'ilaaqa uTh jaanaa

a connection to be severed

lazzat uTh jaanaa

suulii kha.Dii honaa

jhanDii kha.Dii honaa

musiibat kha.Dii honaa

rag kha.Dii honaa

mu.nh uTh jaanaa

ruuh uTh jaanaa

dhaak uTh jaanaa

mohabbat kaa izhaar honaa

uTh chalnaa


uTh jaanaa

die, disappear, go away

uTh baiThnaa

get up, wake up, revive

nazar uTh jaanaa

lihaaz uTh jaanaa

mohabbat naayaab honaa

mohabbat na honaa

no love, no affection


fighting rooster whose eyelids are sewn back to keep the eyes open so that it can fight without blinking

sharm-o-hayaa uTh jaanaa

qadam darmiyaan se uTh jaanaa uTh jaanaa

mu.D-kha.Dii honaa

rasm-o-raah uTh jaanaa

chuTar-puTar me.n uTh jaanaa

naam uTh jaanaa

pair uTh jaanaa

KHalq se uTh jaanaa

to die

subh uTh kar mu.nh dekhnaa

sahnak se uTh jaanaa

parda darmiyaan se uTh jaanaa

sar se vaaris uTh jaanaa

qazaa sar par kha.Dii honaa

Meaning of mohabbat uTh kha.Dii honaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

mohabbat uTh kha.Dii honaa

मोहब्बत उठ खड़ी होनाمُحَبَّت اُٹھ کَھڑی ہونا

Critique (mohabbat uTh kha.Dii honaa)





मोहब्बत उठ खड़ी होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मुहब्बत जोश में आना

مُحَبَّت اُٹھ کَھڑی ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • محبت جوش میں آنا

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