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mohabbat me.n a.ndhaa honaa

to make no difference between good and good due to love, to loose sense due to love

mohabbat me.n

in love

mohabbat me.n giraftaar hona

to fall in love, to be in love.

a.ndhaa honaa

become obsessed

mohabbat uTh kha.Dii honaa

daulat me.n andhaa

mohabbat honaa

to be in love

mohabbat par naazaa.n honaa

to proud of love, pride on love and friendship

mohabbat-paivast honaa

to fall in love

mohabbat me.n jaan se jaanaa

to give life in love

dil me.n muhabbat pilaanaa

to attract

mohabbat kaa izhaar honaa

mohabbat naayaab honaa

mohabbat na honaa

no love, no affection

Gusse me.n andhaa ho jaanaa


(of a glass or mirror) dirty, foggy, misty, cloudy, dim, unclean, (of a well) deep and without water

nafs andhaa honaa

mohabbat ba.Dhaanaa

to love

mohabbat jo.Dnaa

establish a love relationship

mohabbat pak.Dnaa

to feel love or affection

mohabbat ba.Dhnaa

me.n Te.Dhaa honaa

me.n Te.Dh honaa

'iddat me.n honaa

me.n daaG honaa

gardish me.n honaa

me.n tho.De-tho.De honaa

muqaddar me.n honaa

aa.nkho.n se andhaa honaa


love, affection

dau.D-dhuup me.n honaa

paa.nv me.n be.Dii honaa

mohabbat saa.ndna

to love

'azaab me.n honaa

havaaso.n me.n honaa

nii.nd me.n honaa

qabze me.n honaa

sadaqa me.n honaa

maqdirat me.n honaa

Gaiz me.n honaa

qaid me.n honaa

maqduur me.n honaa

vazn me.n honaa

(of verse) be metrically correct

dimaaG me.n honaa

zad me.n honaa

a.Dap jha.Dap me.n honaa

be in a state of poverty and misery

peT me.n daa.Dii honaa

daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

be precocious

me.n sozish honaa

paTTu.n me.n honaa


the full of love, loving

maGz me.n kii.Daa honaa

Gash me.n pa.Daa honaa

me.n honaa

taraqqii me.n honaa

mafaad me.n honaa

raah me.n honaa

haatho.n me.n honaa

paa.ncho.n savaaro.n me.n honaa

be a braggart, be a fool among knights

Tho.Dii me.n haath honaa

Meaning of mohabbat me.n a.ndhaa honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

mohabbat me.n a.ndhaa honaa

मोहब्बत में अंधा होनाمُحَبَّت میں اَن٘دھا ہونا

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English meaning of mohabbat me.n a.ndhaa honaa


  • to make no difference between good and good due to love, to loose sense due to love
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मोहब्बत में अंधा होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • प्यार के कारण अच्छे-भले में अंतर न रहना, प्यार में सूझ-बूझ खो देना

مُحَبَّت میں اَن٘دھا ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • محبت کی وجہ سے نیک و بد کی تمیز نہ رہنا، محبت میں سوجھ بوجھ کھو دینا

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