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mohabbat kii buu

parde kii buu buu

mohabbat kii qai.nchii

the thing that end the love

mu.nh-dekhe kii mohabbat

mohabbat kii ruudaad

mohabbat kii duniyaa

worldly love, the limitation of love

mohabbat kii zabaan


mohabbat kii nazar

to cast loving glances (upon), to look kindly or sweetly (upon)

mohabbat kii nigaah

the sight of love

mohabbat kii lau.nDii

the slave of love and affection, the one who subdued with kindness and love

mash'al kii buu damaaG me.n samaa.ii he

said of a person who is ruined yet retains or tries to retain his/her former arrogance

bilonii kii buu aanaa

baahar kii buu

mohabbat kii guftaguu

the words of love

ho.nTo.n se duudh kii buu na ga.ii

paale kii mohabbat

the love or affection that arises in the heart by taking care of another's kid

mohabbat kii garmii

the passion of love

mohabbat kii maarii

KHuun kii buu aanaa

KHuun kii buu aanaa

muhabbat kii shaadii

love-match, a marriage based on the mutual love of the couple rather than social or financial considerations.

kachorii kii buu ab tak nahii.n ga.ii

mu.nh se duudh kii buu na jaanaa

mu.nh se duudh kii buu aatii hai

mohabbat kii intihaa

ho.nTo.n se abhii duudh kii buu aatii hai

mohabbat kii raah se pesh aanaa

to behave well, be gentle

abhii mu.nh se duudh kii buu aatii hai

mohabbat kii nigaahe.n na chhupnaa

to not hid love and affection, showing love and affection

bilonii kii buu mu.nh se na jaanaa

mohabbat kii kasoTii par kasnaa

guess someone's love

buu u.Dnaa


strong smell

mohabbat kaa aaGaaz

beginning of love

buu denaa


smell, odour, scent, stink, scented

mohabbat kaa josh

love enthusiasm, passion of love

mohabbat kaa dard

pain of love, sorrow of love

mohabbat kaa sar-chashma



musky hair

mohabbat kaa baazaar

the market of love

mohabbat kaa iqraar

an expression of love


fragrance of musk, like the smell of musk, scented with musk


name of a herb, basil, a type of fragrant flower

mohabbat ba.Dhaanaa

to love

mohabbat jo.Dnaa

establish a love relationship

mohabbat pak.Dnaa

to feel love or affection

mohabbat ba.Dhnaa


fragrance of love

buu suu.nghnaa



the tuberose, Polianthis Tuberosa

mohabbat kaa in'aam

the revenge of love, the reward of love

dimaaG me.n buu samaanaa

KHuu-buu paka.Dnaa

mohabbat kaa giraftaar

the one who is fallen in love with someone


wine with fragrance of musk


tresses fragrant with musk


love, affection

Meaning of mohabbat kii buu in English, Hindi & Urdu

mohabbat kii buu

मोहब्बत की बूمُحَبَّت کی بُو

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See meaning: buu-e-mohabbat

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