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mohabbat kaa jaam piinaa

zindagii kaa jaam piinaa

to raise a toast for one's good health and well-being

salaamatii kaa jaam piinaa

toast to somebody's health

jaam piinaa

sehhat kaa jaam cha.Dhaanaa

mohabbat kaa aaGaaz

beginning of love

jaam-e-shahaadat piinaa

achieve martyrdom

jaam kaa charaaG

mohabbat kaa josh

love enthusiasm, passion of love

mohabbat kaa dard

pain of love, sorrow of love

mohabbat kaa sar-chashma


love, affection or expression love and affection

mohabbat kaa baazaar

the market of love

mohabbat kaa iqraar

an expression of love

mohabbat kaa in'aam

the revenge of love, the reward of love

mohabbat kaa giraftaar

the one who is fallen in love with someone

mohabbat kaa banda

mohabbat kaa dam bharnaa

to breathe (or talk of) love or affection, to profess attachment or friendship (for), profess love

mohabbat kaa javaar uThnaa

mohabbat kaa dam maarnaa

to claim for love or affection

mohabbat kaa haasil

the revenge or reward of love and affection

mohabbat kaa biimaar

the one who fallen in love with someone

mohabbat kaa maaraa

dedicated to love

mohabbat kaa asar

effect of love, reaction of love

zahr kaa jaam pilaanaa

ghaaT-ghaaT kaa paanii piinaa

dil kaa KHuun piinaa

mohabbat kaa iz.haar karnaa

expressing love, to show love, to show friendship

mohabbat kaa izhaar honaa

mohabbat kaa hausla

the courage of love, the power of love

ghaaT kaa paanii piinaa

mohabbat kaa anjaam

the result of love, the end of love

mohabbat paanaa

pancho.n kaa pyaala piinaa

zahr kaa pyaala piinaa

KHuun kaa ghuu.nT piinaa

sabr kaa ghuu.nT piinaa

mohabbat kii qai.nchii

the thing that end the love

muhabbat kaa bhuukaa

more inclined to love, an intense feeling of deep affection

jaam cha.Dhaanaa

drink wine

jaam u.Dnaa

kisii kaa lahuu piinaa

maut kaa pyaala piinaa

mu.nh-dekhe kii mohabbat

mohabbat kii ruudaad

mohabbat kii duniyaa

worldly love, the limitation of love

kachche gha.De kii piinaa

mohabbat kii zabaan


mohabbat kii nazar

to cast loving glances (upon), to look kindly or sweetly (upon)

mohabbat ba.Dhaanaa

to love

mohabbat jo.Dnaa

establish a love relationship

mohabbat pak.Dnaa

to feel love or affection

mohabbat ba.Dhnaa

bakrii aur sher kaa ek ghaaT paanii piinaa

taa'viiz dho ke piinaa

taa'viiz dho ke piinaa

some of drinks paper amulets or grave stone's washed water to get rid of diseases

mohabbat kii nigaah

the sight of love

mohabbat kii lau.nDii

the slave of love and affection, the one who subdued with kindness and love

talve dho ke piinaa

mohabbat kii guftaguu

the words of love

Meaning of mohabbat kaa jaam piinaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

mohabbat kaa jaam piinaa

मोहब्बत का जाम पीनाمُحَبَّت کا جام پِینا

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मोहब्बत का जाम पीना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • प्रेम में गिरफ़्तार हो जाना, किसी की मुहब्बत में होना

مُحَبَّت کا جام پِینا کے اردو معانی


  • عشق میں گرفتار ہو جانا، کسی کی محبت میں مبتلا ہونا

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