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mohabbat jo.Dnaa

establish a love relationship


add, sum up, total, calculate or compute, reckon

jo.Dnaa jaa.Dnaa

repair, join pieces together

mohabbat ba.Dhaanaa

to love

mohabbat pak.Dnaa

to feel love or affection

mohabbat ba.Dhnaa


love, affection

jo.D jo.Dnaa

to.Dnaa jo.Dnaa

plus-minus, constant changes, additions and subtractions

paa.nv jo.Dnaa

mohabbat saa.ndna

to love

mu.nh jo.Dnaa

whisper, backbite

fiqre jo.Dnaa

fiqra jo.Dnaa

qissa jo.Dnaa


the full of love, loving

parvar jo.Dnaa

kunde jo.Dnaa

vaslii jo.Dnaa

to add a new aspect to a matter

dhan jo.Dnaa

raqam jo.Dnaa

nazar jo.Dnaa

dil jo.Dnaa

dhaage jo.Dnaa

kuvaa jo.Dnaa

mu.nh jo.Dnaa

baataa.n jo.Dnaa

mohabbat denaa

to do love

mohabbat me.n

in love

mu.nh-dekhii mohabbat jo.Dnaa

bring or get all kinsfolk together

nishaana jo.Dnaa

rishta jo.Dnaa

gaa.nTh jo.Dnaa

tie the nuptial knot, get married

she'r jo.Dnaa

compose verse

harf jo.Dnaa

chaTThe jo.Dnaa

iftiraa jo.Dnaa

tuufaan jo.Dnaa

jo.Dnaa baTornaa

scrape together, accumulate, pile up


blemish of love, pain of separation

haath-paa.nv jo.Dnaa


the one who have feeling of affection


lover, the one who is habituated to love



true love, deep love


the one who have the nature of love and affection

tishna mohabbat

eager to be loved, lover


love and affection

haath jo.Dnaa

entreat, implore, beg or crave pardon, seek favour

iKHlaas jo.Dnaa

become intimate, form a friendship

panchaayat jo.Dnaa

summon a panchayat, to gather the people (especially in rural area) for collecting the advice in any matter

taute jo.Dnaa

taalaa jo.Dnaa

tautiyaa jo.Dnaa

naataa jo.Dnaa

establish or form a relationship or alliance, correlate (between two events)

copy jo.Dnaa

par jo.Dnaa

paag jo.Dnaa

yaarii jo.Dnaa

Meaning of mohabbat jo.Dnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

mohabbat jo.Dnaa

मोहब्बत जोड़नाمُحَبَّت جوڑنا

Critique (mohabbat jo.Dnaa)





English meaning of mohabbat jo.Dnaa


  • establish a love relationship

मोहब्बत जोड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मोहब्बत का संबंध स्थापित करना, मोहब्बत करने लगना

مُحَبَّت جوڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • محبت کا رشتہ قائم کرنا، محبت کرنے لگنا

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