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me'raaj paanaa

pa.Daa paanaa

find lying, obtaining something without hard work or on the go

zaa.iqa paanaa

vuquu' paanaa

'uqda paanaa


get something back, repossess

daav paanaa

tavallud paanaa

aavaaz paanaa

daaG paanaa

quvvat paanaa

be strengthened, be reinforced

vuquuf paanaa

vaziifa paanaa

vuruud paanaa

tanqiih paanaa

ravish paanaa

vujuud paanaa

come into existence

darshan paanaa

obtain a sight of, be admitted to an interview (with)

taraavish paanaa

mu'aavaza paanaa

dimaaG paanaa

rezish paanaa

daGaa paanaa

zindagii paanaa

vaqr paanaa

gain honour, get rank or influence, rise in esteem (of)

zauq paanaa

qudrat paanaa

vaqt paanaa

to find an opportunity

tasdii' paanaa

chhaa.n paanaa

mauqa' paanaa

to get opportunity, looking for opportunity

shahaadat paanaa

to become a martyr

'indiya paanaa

andaaza paanaa

qabza paanaa

'ohda paanaa

obtain the office or appointment

dallaalii paanaa

vus'at paanaa

daad paanaa

be praised, be appreciated

shaan paanaa

pesh paanaa

defeat, overcome, win

dekh paanaa

see by chance, get an opportunity to see, catch a glimpse

bhed paanaa

discover or solve a mystery, dig out a secret, get a clue

denaa paanaa

settling of one's account or affairs

daam paanaa

faroG paanaa

daftar paanaa

sharf paanaa

zafar paanaa

faraaGat paanaa

be at leisure or rest, finish or complete (a piece of work)

faiz paanaa

shifaa paanaa

nafaaz paanaa

taraqqii paanaa

get promotion, be promoted

vafaat paanaa

die, pass away

zillat paanaa

to be humiliated

lazzat paanaa

shah paanaa

nafa' paanaa

'aafiyat paanaa

Meaning of me'raaj paanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

me'raaj paanaa

मे'राज पानाمِعْراج پانا

Critique (me'raaj paanaa)





मे'राज पाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • इंतिहाई तरक़्क़ी का मर्तबा हासिल करना , बुलंद रुत्बा मिलना

مِعْراج پانا کے اردو معانی


  • انتہائی ترقی کا مرتبہ حاصل کرنا ؛ بلند رتبہ ملنا ۔

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