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me'raaj kii raat

raat kii raat

just for a night, in just one night, for the night

muraado.n kii raat

shahaadat kii raat

raat qayaamat kii pa.Dnaa

chaa.ndnii kii raat

puuchho din kii bataa.e raat kii

jalve kii raat

qatl kii raat

raat kii nii.nd haraam

raat kii raanii

Cestrum nocturnum, small shrub with light green fragrant flowers which bloom at night, lady of the night, queen of the night

aaj kii raat


taaro.n bharii kii raat

milan kii raat

dam.Dii kii arhar saarii raat kharar

din kii raat honaa

raat kii niyyat haraam

taKHt kii raat

the nuptial night, the night of consummation of marriage

kaho din kii sune raat kii

kaho din kii suno raat kii

me'raaj kii 'alaamat

maqbuuliyat kii me'raaj

dyvaalii kii raat ko buu.nTii pukaartii hai

raat kaa a.ndhaa

night blindness, nyctalopia

raat kaa ba.Dh jaanaa

raat ko

na din ko din samjhaa , na raat ko raat

din ko din aur raat ko raat na samajhnaa

work round the clock, be totally absorbed in work or business, be oblivious of time


aadhii raat idhar raat udhar

din-raat kaa bakhe.Daa

raat hii raat

raat pa.De

raat ba.Dhe

late at night

raat ba.Dhaanaa

raat pa.Dnaa

raat paka.Dnaa



raat ko din karnaa

raat ko din banaanaa

raat-raat bhar


The night of the fourteenth day of the lunar month when the moon appears full

raat kaa khaanaa

raat kaa raajaa

din raat kaa farq honaa


raat ko jhaa.Duu denaa manhuus hai


raat maa.n kaa peT

raat mar-mar ke kaaTnaa

la.Dnii raat kare bichha.Dnii raat na kare

raat ko taare ginnaa

keep awake the whole night

raat kaa kaaTnaa

ulTii raat kaa


moonlit night


waking up all night

raat vaalaa


overnight, within one night

gho.De ke daa.nt kii siyaahii


the night of the new moon

Meaning of me'raaj kii raat in English,

Hindi & Urdu

me'raaj kii raat

मे'राज की रातمِعْراج کی رات

Critique (me'raaj kii raat)




مِعْراج کی رات کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • رجب کی ستائیسویں شب جس میں حضور اکرم صلی اﷲ وآلہ وسلم معراج کو تشریف لے گئے تھے ، بابرکت رات ؛ مراد : شب وصال ، وصل کی رات ۔

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