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me'raaj kii 'alaamat

nifaaq kii 'alaamat

KHaandaan kii 'alaamat


mark, sign, token



symbolism, a style of poetry and painting in which gestures and symbols are used instead of presenting objects and ideas in their original froms






sign of identification, identification mark

'alaamat muqarrar karnaa

to stamp

'alaamat lagaanaa



symbolization, a style of poetry and painting in which gestures and symbols are used instead of presenting objects and ideas in their original forms

'alaamat barpaa honaa

signs appears

me'raaj kii raat


Prophet Muhammad's ascension to the heavens, acme, height, ascent, ladder, stairs


(Scribe) in writing, there is a pause between two sentences or words for which different symbols are assigned

me'raaj ko pahu.nch jaanaa


(Grammar) ka, ki, ke, ra, ri, re and ne, ni etc. which are used in additional form and zer (---) which are used in Persian mixed words

me'raaj denaa


(Library) connection sign, connection symbol (-) which is drawn in the middle to differentiate the name and surname


sign of being man, identification of male


signs or symbol of being male


(Mathematics) sign of equal (=)


badge, insignia, distinctive feature


sign of puberty, signs of being young


question mark, sign of interrogation


line to be drawn above or below the signature

me'raaj paanaa

me'raaj honaa

me'raaj samajhnaa




the sign mark of male and feminine

me'raaj par pahu.nchaanaa

me'raaj tak pahu.nchnaa

me'raaj par pahu.nchnaa


night of ascension-allusion to Prophet Mohammad's ascension to meet God



gho.De kii peT kii aavaaz

me'raaj mil jaanaa

davaa kii davaa, Gizaa kii Gizaa

ka.Daake kii

lau.De kii

kuu.De kii

dhaa.D kii dhaa.D

big crowd

dhaa.De kii dhaa.Daa

puuchho din kii bataa.e raat kii

idhar kii na udhar kii


Gazab kii

jaa.De kii chaa.ndnii

light of the winter-moon

chhii.nT kii ko.Dii

wages for odd days or for a break in work

dha.Dalle kii la.Daa.ii

mauqa' kii

opportune, proper, appropriate, fit, suitable

gho.De kii gardanii

kev.De kii galii

Meaning of me'raaj kii 'alaamat in English,

Hindi & Urdu

me'raaj kii 'alaamat

मे'राज की 'अलामतمِعْراج کی عَلامَت

Critique (me'raaj kii 'alaamat)




मे'राज की 'अलामत के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • क़िबला-ए- अव़्वल बैत-उल-मुक़द्दस जहां से हुज़ूर अकरम सिल्ली अल्लाह अलैहि वसल्लम मेराज पर अर्श के लिए रवाना हुए थे

مِعْراج کی عَلامَت کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • قبلہء اوّل بیت المقدس جہاں سے حضور اکرم صلی اﷲ علیہ وسلم معراج پر عرش کے لیے روانہ ہوئے تھے ۔

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