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masjid kaa mulaanaa

masjid kaa menDhaa


masjid kii imaamat


a.Dhaa.ii ii.nT kii masjid alag banaanaa

adopt a position different from others, form a separate clique

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag chun.naa

kau.Dii ke vaaste masjid Dhaate hai.n

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag banaanaa

separate or isolate oneself, have ideas different from others

mullaa kii daur masjid tak

none can go beyond his limits


masjid kii ii.nT paiKHaane me.n lagaa.ii


Take ke vaaste masjid Dhaanaa

greedily committing the greatest crime, to tax an illegal act for a small profit

masjid shahiid honaa

falling of a mosque, caving in of a mosque

masjid shahiid karnaa

demolish a mosque

masjid me.n ghii ke charaaG jalaanaa


a jama masjid, also known as a congregational mosque or Friday mosque, is a type of mosque which is the main mosque of a certain area that hosts the special Friday noon prayer known as jumu'ah, the largest and main mosque of the city


masjid, mosque, place or house of prayer

apnii De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag banaanaa

ignore the collective trend and go one's own way

masjid Dhaanaa



masjid me.n charaaG jalaanaa

masjid me.n tel Dalvaanaa



kutte ko masjid se kyaa kaam



Holy Kaaba, inviolable place of worship, the grand mosque in Maah, is a mosque that surrounds the Kaaba in Mecca

masjid me.n chuunaa lagaanaa


ek ii.nT kii KHaatir masjid Dhaanaa

masjid ThanDii karnaa


kaisii masjid kaisaa mandir jo dekho vo dil ke andar

masjid Dhaa kar imaam baa.Daa banaanaa

kutte ko maut aa.e to masjid me.n muut jaa.e

kutte kii maut aatii hai to masjid kii taraf dau.Dtaa hai

destiny drives one to death

masjid ThanDii honaa

masjid me.n ii.nT ulaT kar rakhnaa

muu.n pau masjid dil me.n but-KHaana

ghar me.n diyaa to masjid me.n diyaa

pahle ghar me.n to piichhe masjid me.n

kutte kii maut aa.e to masjid kii taraf bhaagtaa hai

maar khaanaa masjid me.n so rahnaa

pahle ghar me.n phir masjid me.n

charity begins at home


priest, clergyman, Maulana- a title for muslim religious scholars given out of respect,


'arz maa'ruuz kaa iKHtiyaar milnaa


laa'nat kaa tauq milnaa

ki.e kaa bhog milnaa

niyyat kaa phal milnaa

mulaazamat kaa bhog milnaa


allusion to Masjid al-Dirar - a mosque built by hypocrites in Medina which was later destroyed by the order of Prophet Muhammad. This mosque was built by hypocrites in order to cause disunity among the believers


aavaaz kaa paaT na milnaa


the mosque in Medina around Prophet Muhammad's mausoleum


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masjid kaa mulaanaa

मस्जिद का मुलानाمَسْجِد کا مُلانا

مَسْجِد کا مُلانا کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • وہ مُلا جو مسجد کی روٹیوں پر پڑا ہو ، مسجد کی روٹیاں کھانے والا ، مفت خورا ۔

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masjid kaa mulaanaa

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