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a wooden board to do writing practice, board or board on which writing is practiced, paper or small plank for practising calligraphy


newly practicing, inexperienced, trainee


old practice, expertise, experience

dhiiraa kaam rahmaanii shitaab kaam shaitaanii

ba.Do.n ke ba.De kaam

kaam bigaa.Dnaa

spoil or mar the work, foil, upset (someone's) apple cart, make a mess of

kaam pa.Dnaa

have business with, need someone's help

kaam ba.Dhaanaa

ba.Daa kaam

risky hard work, feats, urgent work, any important work, difficult work

naa-jaa.ez kaam

kha.Dii mazduurii, chokhaa kaam

gaa.Dhe vaqt kaam aanaa

hai aadmii hai kaam nahii.n aadmii nahii.n kaam


der kaam rahmaan ke , jald kaam shaitaan ke


zimma-daarii kaa kaam

KHudaa se kaam pa.Dnaa

KHudaa se kaam pa.Dnaa

ba.Daa kaam karnaa

ba.De kaam aanaa

ja.Dat kaa kaam

lambaa chau.Daa kaam

kau.Dii kaam kaa nahii.n

ko.ii kaam kare daam se, ham daam kare.n kaam se

vaqt pa.De par kaam aanaa

kaam sa.ngvaanaa

allaah se kaam pa.Daa hai

apne daam banaave.n kaam

vahshat me.n kaam aanaa

be-vaquufii kaa kaam karnaa

To do a foolish job.

kaam sa.nvaarnaa

kaam sa.nvarnaa

getting work done, work to be done in better way

paraa.ii aa.nkhe.n kaam nahii.n aatii.n

things belonging to others do not help

paraa.ii aa.nkhe.n kaam nahii.n aatii.n


a person who is trapped in objections according to the wishes of his enemies, malevolent



content, joyous, happy, successful, triumphing

kisii vaqt kaam aa.egaa

kisii vaqt kaam aa.egaa

jaldii kaa kaam shaitaan kaa aur der kaa kaam rahmaan kaa

'aaqibat me.n kaam aanaa

'aql kaam nahii.n kartii

I fail to understand

'aashiq kaa kaam tinke chun.naa


khudaa.ii kaa kaam

tavaazo' se kaam lenaa

show courtesy

kau.Dii ke kaam kaa nahii.n

kau.Dii ke kaam kaa

daam aave kaam


gaa.Dii bhar aashnaa.ii kaam kii nahii.n magar rattii bhar naataa kaam aataa hai

KHudaa se kaam pa.Daa hai

daam banaa.e kaam

Money makes the mare go, with money you can do everything.

daam karaa.e kaam


dirty work,sexual intercourse, especially extramarital or immoral


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मश्क़ी-कामمَشْقی کام

مَشْقی کام کے اردو معانی

اسم, مذکر

  • بہت محنت والا کام ۔

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