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marz me.n mubatlaa honaa

be sick, be ailing

marz 'aariz honaa

marz laahiq honaa

vahm me.n mubtalaa honaa

to become superstitious

fikr me.n mubtalaa honaa


the farming land, the trail between the farming land which is uses as path

marz dafa' karnaa

cure, heal

karb me.n mubtalaa honaa

maut kaa marz

the disease which is causes to death

kisii marz kii davaa nahii.n


chronic disease, (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring

me.n Te.Dhaa honaa

me.n Te.Dh honaa

kaun se marz kii davaa ho

'iddat me.n honaa

me.n daaG honaa

gardish me.n honaa

me.n tho.De-tho.De honaa

muqaddar me.n honaa

dau.D-dhuup me.n honaa

'azaab me.n honaa

havaaso.n me.n honaa

nii.nd me.n honaa

qabze me.n honaa

sadaqa me.n honaa

maqdirat me.n honaa

Gaiz me.n honaa

qaid me.n honaa

maqduur me.n honaa

vazn me.n honaa

(of verse) be metrically correct

dimaaG me.n honaa

zad me.n honaa

a.Dap jha.Dap me.n honaa

be in a state of poverty and misery

me.n honaa

me.n sozish honaa

peT me.n daa.Dii honaa

daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

be precocious

paTTu.n me.n honaa

raah me.n honaa

haatho.n me.n honaa

taraqqii me.n honaa

mafaad me.n honaa

maGz me.n kii.Daa honaa

Gash me.n pa.Daa honaa

fikr me.n mubtalaa rakhnaa

peshii me.n honaa

KHvaab me.n honaa

Got me.n honaa

hosh me.n honaa

yaad me.n honaa

immersed in one's memory

me.n raah honaa

Got me.n honaa

paa.ncho.n savaaro.n me.n honaa

be a braggart, be a fool among knights

peT me.n aa.D honaa

(of children) have bellyache due to constipation

Tho.Dii me.n haath honaa

Daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

peT me.n Daa.Dhii honaa

be precocious, show certain signs of cleverness at an early age (said of a clever boy)

peT me.n aa.D honaa

nazar me.n ta.De honaa

me.n ba.Dii samaa.ii honaa

Meaning of marz me.n mubatlaa honaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

marz me.n mubatlaa honaa

मर्ज़ में मुब्तला होनाمَرض میں مُبْتَلا ہونا

Critique (marz me.n mubatlaa honaa)





English meaning of marz me.n mubatlaa honaa

  • be sick, be ailing

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