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mansuuba biga.Dnaa

mansuube biga.Dnaa

mansuuba gha.Dnaa

mansuuba la.Daanaa

mansuuba ba.ndhnaa



plan, design, scheme, project

mansuuba Thaan.naa

mansuuba gaa.nThnaa

mansuuba ga.nThnaa

mansuuba banaanaa

to plan, to make strategy, to think, to program, design, project

mansuuba khelnaa

mansuuba Thahraanaa

mansuuba lagaanaa

mansuuba karnaa

to plan, to intend, to set an intention in heart

mansuuba pakaanaa

mansuuba chaalnaa

mansuuba tayyaar karnaa


(of a disease) be severe

mansuube baa.ndhnaa

mansuuba puKHta karnaa

mansuuba tark karnaa

Abandon the project

la.Daa.ii biga.Dnaa

the situation is not adverse in war, being defeated

kap.Daa biga.Dnaa

mansuube jan.naa

mansuube ban.naa

mansuube gaa.nThnaa

'izzat biga.Dnaa

muqaddama biga.Dnaa

muqaddar biga.Dnaa

to run out of luck

qadam biga.Dnaa

kaaGaz biga.Dnaa

aavaaz biga.Dnaa

dashaa biga.Dnaa

ravish biga.Dnaa

vaqt biga.Dnaa

naqsha biga.Dnaa

a plan to go awry

'aaqibat biga.Dnaa

be damned by (one's) sinful conduct

quful biga.Dnaa

ma.nsuuba baa.ndhnaa

plan, contrive

bhaav biga.Dnaa

shakl biga.Dnaa

zaKHm biga.Dnaa

the condition of a wound getting bad rather than curing

mood biga.Dnaa

tevar biga.Dnaa

glower, scowl, mood or expression to sour, look angry

badan biga.Dnaa

nizaam biga.Dnaa

samand biga.Dnaa

qismat biga.Dnaa

become unlucky

dharm biga.Dnaa

chitvan biga.Dnaa

nabz biga.Dnaa

dil biga.Dnaa

zukaam biga.Dnaa

zabaan biga.Dnaa

to become unidiomatic, (of someone) be using foul language

chaashnii biga.Dnaa

taav biga.Dnaa

be spoiled in cooking

saudaa biga.Dnaa biga.Dnaa

taale' biga.Dnaa

Meaning of mansuuba biga.Dnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

mansuuba biga.Dnaa

मंसूबा बिगड़नाمَنصُوبَہ بِگَڑنا

Critique (mansuuba biga.Dnaa)





मंसूबा बिगड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • किसी इरादे या अमर का काबुल अमल ना रहना, मुआमला ख़राब होना

مَنصُوبَہ بِگَڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • کسی ارادے یا امر کا قابل عمل نہ رہنا ، معاملہ خراب ہونا ۔

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