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madrasa kii ii.nT

madrase kii iinT

kiicha.D kii ii.nT

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid banaanaa

ii.nT kii chunaa.ii


morii kii ii.nT chaubaare cha.Dhii

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid judaa banaanaa

a.Dhaa.ii ii.nT kii masjid alag banaanaa

adopt a position different from others, form a separate clique

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag chun.naa

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid judii banaanaa

De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag banaanaa

separate or isolate oneself, have ideas different from others

apnii a.Dhaa.ii ii.nT kii masjd alag banaanaa

apnii De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag chun.naa

ii.nT kii lenii patthar kii denii

ii.nT kii bhaTTii


apnii De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag kha.Dii karnaa

apnii De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag jamaanaa

apnii De.Dh ii.nT kii masjid alag banaanaa

ignore the collective trend and go one's own way

masjid kii ii.nT paiKHaane me.n lagaa.ii


secondary school


A town school

morii kii ii.nT


An industrial school.


medical school or college


Comprehension school.

chahle kii ii.nT

kahii.n kii ii.nT kahii.n kaa ro.Daa bhaanumati ne kumba jo.Daa

matchless, unmatched, gathering in a place of irrelevant things, a combination of different things

bhaanmatii ne kumba jo.Daa, kahii.n kii ii.nT kahii.n kaa ro.Daa

ill-assorted group, unholy alliance

sone kii ii.nT


branch of school

morii kii ii.nT masjid me.n lagii


A free school, a Charity school.


A private school.


madrasa, school, college, academy, educational institute, particularly muslim schools where religious instructions are given

morii kii ii.nT chaubaare lagii

ek ii.nT kii KHaatir masjid Dhaanaa

madrasa se uThnaa

normal madrasa

ii.nT kaa javaab patthar

tit for tat


schoolfellow, schoolmate

ii.nT kaa javaab patthar se denaa

ii.nT se ii.nT bajaa denaa

destroy, raze to the ground, demolish

ii.nT kaa ghar miTTii kaa dar

ii.nT kaa ghar miTTii kaa kar denaa

squander a fortune, ruin oneself by reckless spending

KHudaa ke ghar me.n ii.nT ulaTnaa

morii kii ii.nT mahal me.n nahii.n lag saktii

morii me.n ii.nT a.D ga.ii






peT par ii.nT baa.ndhnaa

naanak-chandii ii.nT

ii.nT kaa ghar miTTii ho gayaa


A technical school.

chhail chhii.nT, baGal me.n ii.nT

peT se ii.nT baa.ndhnaa

dhamak se ii.nT bajaa denaa


na ii.nT Daali.e na chhii.nT khaa.ii.e

ii.nT biThaanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning madrasa kii ii.nT in English, Hindi & Urdu

madrasa kii ii.nT

मदरसा की ईंटمَدْرَسَہ کی اِیْنٹ

مَدْرَسَہ کی اِیْنٹ کے اردو معانی

  • ۔(کنایۃً) وہ طالب علم جو مدت سے مدرسہ میں داخل ہوا ہواور کچھ ترقی نہ کرے۔

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madrasa kii ii.nT

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