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KHudaa panaah me.n rakhe

tum se KHudaa panaah me.n rakhe

May God save you!

aap se KHudaa panaah me.n rakkhe

KHudaa mahfuuz rakhe

KHudaa KHush rakhe

KHudaa sharm rakhe

KHudaa tumhe.n KHuush rakhe

KHudaa kii panaah

heaven preserve (me/us)!

KHudaa salaamat rakhe

may God protect you! may you live long!


God save, may God protect

KHudaa aabaad rakkhe


God forbid!

KHudaa aap ko KHush rakhe

KHudaa maamtaa ThanDii rakhe

KHudaa asal KHair rakhe

daaman me.n panaah denaa

KHudaa tumharii maamtaa ThanDii rakhe

panaah me.n aanaa

panaah me.n lenaa

daaman rahmat me.n panaah denaa


jise KHudaa rakkhe use kaun chakkhe

KHudaa ne rakhaa

KHudaa aap ko bahut salaamat rakhhe

abhii kyaa hai KHudaa aap ko bahut se din salaamat rakhe

dil me.n aa.ii ko rakkhe so bha.Dvaa

KHudaa jis ko rakkhe use kaun chakkhe

KHudaa ne iimaan rakhaa

jis ko KHudaa rakkhe us ko kaun chakkhe

KHudaa kii raah me.n

pag.Dii me.n phuul rakhaa gayaa

KHudaa ko dekhaa nahii.n 'aql se pahchaanaa hai

KHudaa ko dekhaa nahii.n to 'aql se pahchaanaa

KHudaa kii laaThii me.n aavaaz nahii.n

KHudaa ke ghar me.n

KHudaa muu.n na dikhaa.e

ruu.ii kaano.n me.n de rakhii hai

KHudaa kii amaan me.n

peT me.n pa.Dii buu.nd naam rakhaa mahmuud

KHudaa kii laaThii me.n aavaaz nahii.n

muqaddar me.n KHudaa jaane kayaa hai

raah-e-KHudaa me.n denaa

alms, charity, for the sake of God

rahe me.n , KHvaab dekhe mahlo.n kaa

jhop.Dii me.n rahe mahlo.n ke KHvaab dekhe

KHudaa lagtii ko.ii nahii.n kahtaa , mu.nh dekhii sab kahte hai.n

panaah paka.Dnaa

mu.nh dekhii sab kahte hai.n, KHudaa lagtii ko.ii nahii.n kahtaa

dekh dikhaa kar baavDii me.n pa.Dnaa

KHudaa dikhaa.ii pa.Dnaa

think of God in danger or trouble

KHudaa ke kaarKHaane me.n kyaa daKHl

raah-e-KHudaa me.n qadam rakhnaa

to take to the path of God, to pray

KHudaa ke ghar me.n ii.nT ulaTnaa



garduu.n panaah

used in the adjectives of kings


allaah rakhe

may God protect him/her! used with the name of a dear one or as a catchword


mai.n KHush meraa KHudaa KHush

it is (or will be) real pleasure to me

mai.n raazii , meraa KHudaa raazii

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KHudaa panaah me.n rakhe

ख़ुदा पनाह में रखेخُدا پَناہ میں رَکھے

خُدا پَناہ میں رَکھے کے اردو معانی


  • ۔خدا بچائے۔ ؎

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KHudaa panaah me.n rakhe

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