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KHudaa kii shaan

allaah kii shaan

an expression of wonder

allaah kii shaan

shaan kii lenaa

do ko.Dii kii shaan kar denaa

shaan ke maare kii davaa daaruu


majesty of God

KHudaa kii paka.D

KHudaa kii KHudaa.ii

KHudaa kii qudrat

KHudaa kii qudrat

qudrat KHudaa kii

duhaa.ii KHudaa kii

KHudaa kii duhaa.ii

KHudaa kii dargaah

KHudaa kii baadshaahii

KHudaa kii sa.nvaar

may God punish you!

KHudaa kii baate.n KHudaa hii jaane

KHudaa kii yaad

KHudaa kii diin

God's mercy

KHudaa kii qasam

KHudaa kii marzii

KHudaa kii suu.n

KHudaa kii baat KHudaa hii jaane

God only knows the things that pertain to God.

KHudaa kii baate.n hai.n

KHudaa kii raah me.n

KHudaa kii panaah

heaven preserve (me/us)!

KHudaa kii laaThii be-aavaaz

laa'nat KHudaa kii

KHudaa kii laa'nat

KHudaa kii qudrat nazar aanaa

to be surprised, to be shocked

KHudaa kii chakkii

KHudaa kii laaThii me.n aavaaz nahii.n

KHudaa kii yaad karnaa

remembering God

KHudaa kii amaan me.n

KHudaa un kii arvaah ko sharmaa.e

KHudaa kii raah kaa saudaa

KHudaa kii nazr karnaa

aage KHudaa kii marzii

chup kii daad KHudaa degaa

KHalq KHudaa kii hukm baadshaah kaa

bhaav-raav KHudaa kii KHabar nahii.n

mu.nh KHudaa kii taraf honaa

KHudaa kii laaThii me.n aavaaz nahii.n

KHudaa kii hamd-o-sanaa karnaa

KHalq kii zabaan KHudaa kaa naqaara

shaan maare Gair ko, be shaan maare aap ko

haihaat KHudaa kii zaat

mu.nh KHudaa kii taraf honaa

zaalim kii daad KHudaa detaa hai

KHudaa kii nekii

KHudaa kii rahmat

KHudaa kii maarii

afflicted, troubled

KHudaa kii laaThii

rahmat KHudaa kii

KHudaa kii chorii

KHudaa kii misaal

KHudaa aap kii maGfirat kare

may God bless your soul!

pag.Dii kii 'izzat KHudaa ke haath hai

only God can protect one's honour

zaalim kii daad KHudaa ke ghar

Meaning ofSee meaning KHudaa kii shaan in English, Hindi & Urdu

KHudaa kii shaan

ख़ुदा की शानخُدا کی شان


ख़ुदा की शान के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अल्लाह का इख़तियार, क़ुदरत
  • अल्लाह का हुक्म, जब कोई अपनी हैसियत से बढ़ कर दावा करे तो ख़ुदा को दरमयान लाते हैं
  • ताज्जुब की बात, हैरत का मुक़ाम

خُدا کی شان کے اردو معانی


  • اللہ کا اختیار ، قدرت .
  • اللہ کا حکم ، جب کوئی اپنی حیثیت سے بڑھ کر دعویٰ کرے تو خدا کو درمیان لاتے ہیں.
  • تعجب کی بات ، حیرت کا مقام .

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KHudaa kii shaan

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