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karo.D ruupe kii baat

karo.D kii ek

ruupe kaa sonaa das ruupe kii gha.Daavan

ruupe vaale kii hamesha puuchh hai

ruupe kaa to.Daa


crore, ten million, unlimited, countless, innumerable

ruupe kii khiir hai


someone who has over a ten million rupees

ruupe gaa.Dnaa


tax on goods exported or imported



ruupe vaalaa

affluent, prosperous, rich, wealthy

ruupe kha.De karnaa

ruupe kaa bhuukaa

to.D kii baat

baat kii baat me.n

instantly, immediately, in no time

baat kii baat

commonplace remark

maro.D kii baat

ja.D kii baat

muddato.n kii baat

baat kii baat KHuraafaat kii KHuraafaat

said when something disagreeable is said in jest

muqaddar kii baat

ba.Do.n kii ba.Dii baat

age brings wisdom

baat kii baat laat kii laat

baat kii baat ko

baat kii parvarish

ruupe kaa kaam ruupe se chaltaa hai

ruupe ke Take

ghan ke ruupe


a great liar

vaqt kii baat

coincidence, a chance

maqduur kii baat

baat puuchhnaa baat kii ja.D puuchhnaa

ittifaaq kii baat


baat kii zi.D lagnaa

ba.Dii duur kii baat

ruupe kaa ulaT-pher honaa

'aql kii baat

bhed kii baat

ruupe Gaarat karnaa

mu.nh kii baat

mu.nh kii baat chhiin.naa

say what someone else was about to say

farq kii baat

ruupe kaa nasha hotaa hai

raaz kii baat

secret, something said in confidence

raah kii baat

hosh kii baat

maidaan kii baaT

parde kii baat

secret matter, secret case, matter must be hidden

duur kii baat

deep thought

mard kii baat

bade kii baat

tamaashe kii baat

pretty sight, strange things

duniyaa kii baat

dam kii baat

dil kii baat

mushkil kii baat

do din kii baat

qariine kii baat

qismat kii baat

Meaning of karo.D ruupe kii baat in English, Hindi & Urdu

karo.D ruupe kii baat

करोड़ रूपे की बातکَروڑ رُوپے کی بات

Critique us (karo.D ruupe kii baat)




کَروڑ رُوپے کی بات کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • پش بہا بات، نہایت قیمتی بات، نہایت اہم امر

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