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kahaa.n se Tapak pa.De

qalam se Tapak jaanaa

tapaak se milnaa

greet warmly, treat cordially

kahaa.n se kahaa.n

pa.De pa.De chaarpaa.ii se lag jaanaa

Tapak pa.Dnaa

arrive unexpectedly (usu. an unwanted guest or caller), drop in

lau Tapak pa.Dnaa

kahaa.n se kahaa.n le Thikaane


kahaa.n se

whence? from what place? from where?

baat kahaa.n se kahaa.n jaa pahu.nchnaa

ko.ii kahaa.n se laa.e

how is it possible!

Tapak uThnaa

Tapak nikalnaa

Tapak jaanaa


leak, drip, fall down (fruits), sound made by dropping, dropping, dripping, beat, pulsating or throbbing pain


musket, small cannon


restlessness, agility, nimbleness, enthusiasm

Tapak-Tuu.ii karnaa


cordiality, esteem, regard, warmth, ardour, fervour



heating or annoying, fever, heat

kahaa.n se aayaa

miyaan me.n se nikle hii pa.De hai

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan

kahaa.n se ra.ngaa ke aa.e hai.n

phaT pa.De vo sonaa jas se TuuTe.n kaan

curse on the gold that causes pain, it's no use having something harmful even though beneficial apparently

quvvat-e-baazuu se paidaa karnaa

to earn by oneself

tapaak karnaa

haath Tapak ke uThnaa

tannuur se bachne ke liye bhaa.D me.n gir pa.De


cordial, full of warmth, ardour, fervour zeal, the anguish of love solicitude of friendship, love affection, friendship, apparent cordiality

tapaak zaahir karnaa

pe.D bo.e babuul ke to aam kahaa.n se ho.n

as you sow, so shall you reap, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

pa.De pa.De

during storage

allaah se kaam pa.Daa hai

KHudaa se kaam pa.Daa hai

bilonii se dhoyaa pa.Daa hai

kii.De pa.De

(a curse) may you be infested with worms! may your body rot!



kahaa.n kaa kahaa.n

far away but untraceable

halq se niklii KHalq me.n pa.Dii

halaq se niklii halaq me.n pa.Dii

kahaa.n ye kahaa.n vo

what a difference between this and that


rest, lie, stay, be

KHaak se zar paidaa honaa

KHaak se zau paidaa honaa

mai.n kahaa.n tum kahaa.n

there is a big difference or distance between each other

kahaa.n bii-bii kahaa.n baa.ndii

kaa.nTe bo.e babuul ke to aam kahaa.n se khaa.e

hope of good by doing bad, as you sow, so shall you reap

mayyat pa.De

aafat pa.De

mai.n kahaa.n aur vo kahaa.n


at the time of sunset

raat pa.De

pa.De phirnaa

maar pa.De


where, whither, where about, whereto (specially for question)

pa.De rahnaa

keep lying, be idle

pa.De honaa

Meaning of kahaa.n se Tapak pa.De in English,

Hindi & Urdu

kahaa.n se Tapak pa.De

कहाँ से टपक पड़ेکَہاں سے ٹَپَک پَڑے

Critique (kahaa.n se Tapak pa.De)





कहाँ से टपक पड़े के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अचानक कहाँ से निकल पड़े, अचानक कहाँ से आ पहुँचे (अचानक कोई आ जाए तो कहते हैं)

کَہاں سے ٹَپَک پَڑے کے اردو معانی


  • اچانک کہاں سے آ پہنچے، اچانک کہاں سے نکل پڑے (اتفاقاً کوئی آ جائے تو کہتے ہیں)

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