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kachchaa duudh piinaa

kachchaa shiir piinaa

aadmii ne kachchaa duudh piyaa hai

to err is human

aaKHir aadmii ne kachchaa duudh piyaa hai

duudh piinaa

kachchaa duudh sab ne piyaa hai


milk which has not been boiled

kachche gha.De kii piinaa

kachchii kachchii kavvaa khaa.e, duudh maliida bhayyaa khaa.e

De.Dh chulluu KHuun-lahuu piinaa

duudh kaa duudh aur paanii kaa paanii karnaa

sift the true from the false, dispense justice, exercise absolute and faultless justice

paanii ko paanii aur duudh ko duudh karnaa

ninnaanve gha.De duudh me.n ek gha.Daa paanii kyaa pahchaanaa jaave

ser duudh adhvaan ko paanii ghar ghar bhare mathaanii

makr chakr kii kahaanii aadhaa tel , duudh , aadhaa paanii


raw, uncooked, unbaked, half-done

talvo.n kaa kachchaa

the one who tired soon, the one who don't walk much

jahaa.n ninaanve gha.De duudh ke ho.nge , vahaa.n ek gha.Daa paanii kaa kyaa jaanaa jaa.egaa

ser duudh adho.nkh ko paanii ghar ghar bhare mathaanii

bilonii kaa duudh paanii kaa paanii

duudh aur paanii alag karnaa

mu.nh kaa kachchaa

tender-mouthed (horse), unreliable






mu.nh kaa kachchaa

haafiza kaa kachchaa

bilonii kaa duudh paanii kaa paanii karnaa

dil kaa kachchaa

zabaan kaa kachchaa

Taa.nke kaa kachchaa

duudh chhu.Daanaa

wean (a child)

kaano.n kaa kachchaa

duudh phaa.Dnaa

duudh cha.Dhnaa

duudh ba.Dhaanaa

to wean (a child)

duudh ri.Daknaa

To churn milk.

duudh pa.Dnaa

duudh ba.Dhnaa

to be weaned

duudh-ba.Dhaa.ii kachchaa honaa

duudh baKHshvaanaa

gaa.Dhaa-gaa.Dhaa duudh

bachcha kaam kaa kachchaa

the inexperienced cannot do good work, a child is not an expert, said about a fledgling or novice

kachchaa chiTThaa kholnaa

tell the whole tale, disclose all the secrets

kachchaa pakkaa karnaa

kachchaa karnaa

to make angry, to irritate, to abash

kachchaa chabaanaa

kachchaa jaanaa


kachchaa chiTThaa sunaanaa

tell the whole tale, disclose all the secrets

kachchaa pakkaa honaa

gaa.e kaa duudh so maa.e kaa duudh

kachchaa honaa

be put to shame, be abashed, be embarrassed

chi.Diyaa kaa duudh

bird's milk,(figuratively) an impossibility, the state or fact of being impossible

chi.Diyaa aur duudh


duudh dekhnaa

kachchaa koyalaa

raw coal

duudh duuhnaa

to milk

duudh baKHshnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning kachchaa duudh piinaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kachchaa duudh piinaa

कच्चा दूध पीनाکَچَّا دُودْھ پِینا


Tags: Figurative

कच्चा दूध पीना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • स्वभाव में अपूर्णता, कच्चापन होना, त्रुटि की संभावना होना

کَچَّا دُودْھ پِینا کے اردو معانی

  • طبیعت میں خامی ہونا، سہو و خطا کا امکان ہونا

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kachchaa duudh piinaa

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