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kaan phaTe pa.Dnaa

phaTe pa.Dnaa

kaan phaTe jaanaa

kaan kaa parda phaTe jaanaa

sonaa nek to kaan phaaTe kyo.n

kaan pa.Dnaa

come to ears, be heard

phaTaa pa.Dnaa

abound in

shabaab phaTaa pa.Dnaa

javaanii phaTii pa.Dnaa

kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

listening, getting information and news, be aware of

aavaaz kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

overhear, catch a sound

sar phaTaa pa.Dnaa

joban phaTaa pa.Dnaa

female youth to bloom, breasts to become very prominent

kaan me.n aavaaz pa.Dnaa

baat kaan pa.Dnaa

come to learn a matter, overhear, be informed

kaan kaTe pa.Dnaa

kaan kaT pa.Dnaa

aavaaz kaan tak pa.Dnaa

kaan me.n baat pa.Dnaa

baat kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

kaan me.n bhanak pa.Dnaa

chaar ke kaan aavaaz pa.Dnaa

diide phaTe ke phaTe rah jaanaa

dil phaTe baato.n se kap.Daa phaTe haatho.n se

phaTe mii.n paa.nv a.Daanaa

phaTe me.n a.Daanaa

poke one's nose or meddle with/into others' concerns

phaTe mii.n paa.nv denaa

phaTe mii.n paa.nv Daalnaa

paraa.e phaTe me.n a.Daanaa

meddle into others' affairs


paraa.e phaTe me.n paa.nv denaa

paraa.e phaTe me.n paa.nv Daalnaa

diide phaTe honaa

duusre ke phaTe me.n a.Daanaa


early in the morning, dawn

zamiin phaTe aur samaa jaa.uu.n

an expression of great shame, embarrassment or humiliation

kisii ke phaTe me.n paa.v denaa

muu.n phaTe balaa uThe

phuuTaa pa.Dnaa

describe the internal condition

kisii ke phaTe me.n paa.ov Daalnaa

kaan phuuTe jaanaa

jhuuTe par aasmaan phaTe

Tuk.De khaa.e din bahlaa.e, kap.De phaTe ghar ko aa.e

Tuk.De khaa.e, din bahlaa.e, kap.De phaTe ghar ko aa.e

apne bachche ko aisaa maaruu.n ki pa.Dosan kii chhaatii phaTe

pau phaTe

at day-break, at dawn, very early in the morning

kap.De phaaTe ghar ko aa.e


Hindu sadhu wearing large metal earrings, split-eared

duusro.n ke phaTTe me.n paa.nv a.Daanaa

tum kyo.n phaaTe me.n paa.nv dete ho

ruuThe ko manaa.e nahii.n , phaTe ko silaa.e nahii.n to kaam kaise chale

kaano.n me.n bhanak pa.Dnaa

overhear, to hear accidentally, to know (of)

kaano.n ko maza pa.Dnaa

kaan sun.naa duusre kaan u.Daanaa

kachrii khaa.e din bahlaa.e ,kap.De phaaTe ghar ko aa.e

kaan paka.Dvaanaa

kaan chho.Dnaa

kaan bi.ndhvaanaa


kaan bi.ndhvaanaa

get ears pierced (to wear some ornament)

Meaning ofSee meaning kaan phaTe pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kaan phaTe pa.Dnaa

कान फटे पड़नाکان پَھٹے پَڑْنا


कान फटे पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक : कान कटे पड़ना, कानों में भारी ज़ेवर पहनना जिसका बोझ कानों से ना संबहले

کان پَھٹے پَڑْنا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : کان کٹے پڑنا ، کانوں میں بھاری زیور پہننا جس کا بوجھ کانوں سے نہ سن٘بہلے

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kaan phaTe pa.Dnaa

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