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kaan pa.Dii aavaaz sunaa.ii na denaa

be unable to hear due to din

kaan pa.Dii sadaa na aanaa

kaan na denaa


pa.Dii hu.ii aavaaz

hoarse voice

kaan dhar kar na sun.naa

aavaaz kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

overhear, catch a sound

is kaan sun.naa us kaan u.Daa denaa

pay no heed, ignore, turn a deaf ear to, pay no attention to, disregard, in one ear out of the other

kaan na kha.D kha.Daanaa

kaan na pha.D pha.Daanaa

kaan me.n aavaaz pa.Dnaa

kaan me.n aavaaz aanaa

kaan phaa.D denaa

baat kaan me.n pa.Dii rahnaa

aavaaz par aavaaz denaa

repeatedly call someone, call back when called

aavaaz par kaan dharnaa

listen to, be all ears

kaan na dharnaa

aavaaz denaa

call, summon, evoke

kaan denaa

chaar ke kaan aavaaz pa.Dnaa

aa.nkh se dekhaa na kaan se sunaa

kaan pa.Dii kaam aatii hai

kaan kha.De kar denaa

kaan me.n ruu.ii denaa

to put the cotton in ear, (means) not listen to anyone, to be careless

kaan khol denaa

aavaaz na chalnaa

kaan me.n u.nglii denaa

kaan par juu.n na re.ngnaa

to be utterly heedless, being completely oblivious or unaware


kaan na rakhnaa

kaan na bilaanaa

kaano.n kaan KHabar na honaa

remain totally in the dark, remain unaware

kaan me.n phuu.nk denaa

kaan bhar denaa

kaan nikaal denaa

kaan par juu.n tak na re.ngna

be heedless or unaffected

kaan paka.D ke nikaal denaa

baazaar kii gaalii jis ne sunii us par pa.Dii

sonaa le ke miTTii na denaa

kaan me.n kuchh kah denaa

to say something secretly, speaking something without others knowing

chhaa.o.n na denaa

havaa na denaa

let no one know, keep hidden

kaan par juu.n na siilnaa

mu.nh se aavaaz na nikalnaa

kaan me.n harf Daal denaa

kaan me.n baat Daal denaa

to notify, to inform, to remind, help someone remember

kaan aavaaz par lage rahnaa

aavaaz me.n pech denaa

mu.nh se aavaaz na nikalnaa

aa.nkho.n dekhii na kaano.n sunii


kaano.n na sun.naa

TaTTii na denaa

qadam na rakhne denaa

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan

kis ke kaan me.n farishte ne nahii.n phuu.nkaa

na lenaa na denaa

of no use, having no connection

sunaa.ii denaa

to come within hearing, be heard, overhear

denaa na lenaa

to have no concern, have no business, useless

javaab tak na denaa

phaT pa.De vo sonaa jas se TuuTe.n kaan

curse on the gold that causes pain, it's no use having something harmful even though beneficial apparently

Meaning of kaan pa.Dii aavaaz sunaa.ii na denaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

kaan pa.Dii aavaaz sunaa.ii na denaa

कान पड़ी आवाज़ सुनाई न देनाکان پَڑی آواز سُنائی نَہ دینا

Critique (kaan pa.Dii aavaaz sunaa.ii na denaa)




English meaning of kaan pa.Dii aavaaz sunaa.ii na denaa


  • be unable to hear due to din

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