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jis taraf se

from whichever side

jis taraf maulaa udhar daulaa

jis taraf ho 'azm puuraa chaahiye

a man must act with determination to achieve success

dono.n taraf se jaanaa

ulTii taraf se naak paka.Dnaa

do something easy in a complicated way

merii taraf se

from my direction, from me, from my side

jis din se

taraf se

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan

jis se

from whom, from which, whereby, as a result of which

merii taraf se us ke dil me.n chor hai

jis chashme ke paanii se pyaas bujhaanaa usii me.n zahr milaanaa

phaT pa.De vo sonaa jas se TuuTe.n kaan

curse on the gold that causes pain, it's no use having something harmful even though beneficial apparently

kaun sii kishmish hai jis me.n DanDii nahii.n

jis par pa.De so boje

kaun saa ghar hai jis me.n maut nahii.n aa.ii


whosoever, whichever, each of which






supporter, defender, partisan, champion, partial, prejudiced, follower


all around, four sides

baa.ii.n taraf aanaa

KHudaa.ii ek taraf joruu kaa bhaa.ii ek taraf

laakh tadbiir ek taraf, ek taqdiir ek taraf

jis jis ko



side, direction, quarter, towards


saarii KHudaa.ii ek taraf joruu kaa bhaa.ii ek taraf

said of a slavish man who would rather listen to the wife's brother than anyone else, henpecked husband


on both sides

jis qadr

as much as, to whatever extent or degree, to the extent that

jis tarah bhii

howsoever, in whatsoever manner

taraf jaanaa

taraf karnaa

ulTii taraf

the back, the reverse, to the left, leftward



allaah kii taraf dekhnaa


everywhere, all around, four directions, sides


jis kaa

whose, of whom, of which

jis KHudaa ne

jis daraKHt ke saa.e me.n baiThe usii kii ja.D kaaTe

kis zabaan se taa'riif ho



jis tarah


while, when, whilst, as soon as, no sooner than

taraf-daarii karnaa

side with, support, take someone's part

merii taraf bhii dekhnaa

aasmaan kii taraf dekhnaa

jis kaa chiknaa dekhaa phisal pa.De

jis kaa bandar vahii nachaa.e

jis kisii kaa

of whatsoever, of whomsoever

jis par bhii

at anyone

jis kisii ko

to whomsoever

mu.nh KHudaa kii taraf honaa

jis kaa mu.Dvaa us kaa giit

taraf-daar honaa

take side

ek taraf Daalnaa

cast or put aside

mu.nh KHudaa kii taraf honaa

Meaning of jis taraf se in English,

Hindi & Urdu

jis taraf se

जिस तरफ़ सेجِس طَرَف سے

Critique (jis taraf se)




English meaning of jis taraf se


  • from whichever side

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