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jis kal chaahnaa nachaanaa


to make dance, spin (a doll or top)

taa.ifa nachaanaa

arrange an entertainment by troupe


whosoever, whichever, each of which

putliyaa.n nachaanaa

show off dolls play

chak-chak nachaanaa

jis qadr

as much as, to whatever extent or degree, to the extent that

jis tarah bhii

howsoever, in whatsoever manner

jis kaa

whose, of whom, of which

poro.n par nachaanaa

chuTkiyo.n par nachaanaa

na.ngaa naach nachaanaa

u.nglii par nachaanaa

bring someone under the thumb, make someone wholly subservient or obedient, turn someone into a puppet

naach nachaanaa

make one dance

gaanaa nachaanaa

kal kal to.D denaa

jis KHudaa ne

lak.Dii ke bal mak.Dii nachaanaa

bandar kii tarah nachaanaa

nain nachaanaa

mudaavaa chaahnaa

'uzr chaahnaa


love, dote upon, be enamoured of, desire, like, crave, covet, want, need, wish

u.ngliyo.n par nachaanaa

bring someone under the thumb, make someone wholly subservient or obedient, turn someone into a puppet

mashvara chaahnaa

por-por par nachaanaa


while, when, whilst, as soon as, no sooner than

maa'zarat chaahnaa


haatho.n pe nachaanaa

'aafiyat chaahnaa

fauqiyat chaahnaa

strive for supremacy

jis kisii kaa

of whatsoever, of whomsoever

jis par bhii

at anyone

jis kisii ko

to whomsoever

haath nachaanaa

kal kii kal par chho.Dnaa

mu'aafii chaahnaa

asking for an apology

isti'faa chaahnaa

jis kaa chiknaa dekhaa phisal pa.De

kal bigaa.Dnaa

kal maro.Dnaa

to switch on the machine, to pull the string

kal pa.Dnaa

be satisfied

kal biga.Dnaa

pf a machine's part to malfunction

kal mo.Dnaa

jis kaa mu.Dvaa us kaa giit

buraa.ii chaahnaa

dil chaahnaa

daad chaahnaa

demand justice, seek redress

jis din se

jis kii teG us kii deG

ijaazat chaahnaa

ask for leave

haq chaahnaa

claim or demand a right or due

tabii'at chaahnaa

jis ko dekho baavan gaz kii


black woman, hag



a kind of bird with a beautiful voice, whose belly is black and beak is red


tatayyaa kaa naach nachaanaa

dam hosh chaahnaa

Meaning of jis kal chaahnaa nachaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

jis kal chaahnaa nachaanaa

जिस कल चाहना नचानाجِس کَل چاہْنا نَچانا

Critique (jis kal chaahnaa nachaanaa)





जिस कल चाहना नचाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अपनी मर्ज़ी के मुताबिक़ चलाना, हसब-ए-मंशा काम लेना

جِس کَل چاہْنا نَچانا کے اردو معانی


  • اپنی مرضی کے مطابق چلانا ، حسب منشا کام لینا.

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