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jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

to bite the hand that feeds

jis bartan me.n khaa.e usii me.n chhed kare

forgive someone's favor or goodwill, to harm someone who was the beneficial earlier

jis haa.nDii me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

jis haa.nDii me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

to bite the hand that feeds one, an ungrateful person harms his benefactor

jis pattal me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

jis kii god me.n baiThnaa usii kii daa.Dhii khasoTnaa

it is called for ungrateful and kindness person, the one who gives pain to the kind person

chhalnii dose suup ko jis me.n bahttar chhed

the pot calls the kettle black

badrii me.n chhed karnaa

TaTTii me.n chhed karnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed karnaa

be very clever, act cunningly

laakh pardo.n me.n chhed karnaa

be characterless, become a vagrant

suup to suup chhalnii bhii bolii jis me.n bahattar chhed

the kettle calling the pot black, the defective person should look at its own defects before opening the tongue, the one who have a clean image, then it is brag

jis kaa khaa.e usii kaa gaa.e

one praises him who pays him, money commands obedience

jis kii laaThii pa.Dii usii ke sar

jis kaa khaa.e usii kii gaa.e

chhaatii me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

jigar me.n chhed pa.Dnaa

jis kii chhurii usii kii naak

kaleje me.n chhed Daalnaa

jis kaa kaam usii ko saaje

aasmaan me.n chhed honaa

rain cats and dogs

jigar me.n chhed Daalnaa

kaleje me.n chhed honaa

jigar me.n chhed honaa

hathelii me.n chhed honaa

be spendthrift or extravagant

sar me.n khaanaa

chaukaa bartan karnaa

haath me.n laanaa peT me.n khaanaa

Thiikraa haath me.n aur is me.n sattar chhed

tho.Daa khaanaa banaaras me.n rahnaa

aasmaan me.n chhed ho jaanaa

bharii ga.ngaa me.n qasam khaanaa

qaid me.n karnaa

kaun saa ghar hai jis me.n maut nahii.n aa.ii

jigar me.n tiir khaanaa

siine me.n par khaanaa

man me.n jaagaa karnaa

jis kaa khaanaa us pe Gurraanaa

me.n shaadmaanii karnaa

jis ka kaam usii ko chhaaje aur kare to The.ngaa baaje

the one can do the work that he learns

gaa.n.D me.n u.nglii karnaa

murdo.n me.n daaKHil karnaa

dimaaG me.n mahfuuz karnaa

peT me.n chuuho.n kaa qalaa-baazii khaanaa

dil me.n shaadmaanii karnaa

khopa.Dii me.n suuraaKH karnaa

To make a hole in the skull, to trepan.

chha.D khaanaa

jis kaa khaanaa us kaa gaanaa

dam ziiq me.n karnaa

bartan ba.Dhaanaa

quful me.n band karnaa

shiddat me.n kamii karnaa


havaa me.n mu'allaq karnaa

ja.ngal me.n ma.ngal karnaa

to rejoice in wilderness, have merriment and splendour in a desolate or wild place

baato.n me.n band karnaa

dil me.n Thaa.o.n karnaa

nathno.n me.n dam karnaa

naako.n me.n dam karnaa

dil me.n gudgudii karnaa

daataa.n me.n u.nglii karnaa

Meaning of jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

जिस बर्तन में खाना उसी में छेद करनाجِس بَرتَن میں کھانا اُسی میں چھید کَرنا

Critique (jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa)





English meaning of jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa


  • to bite the hand that feeds

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