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jhuuTii baat lagaanaa

baat jhuuTii pa.Dnaa

jhuuTii sachchii lagaanaa

jhuuTii baat sach kar dikhaanaa

jhuuTii baat banaave paanii me.n aag lagaave

baat jhuuTii honaa

words to be proved wrong or false

baat me.n lagaanaa

baat lagaanaa

arrange a marriage

baat me.n chepiyaa.n lagaanaa

baat me.n baTTaa lagaanaa

jhuuTii baate.n banaanaa



jhuuTii dastaavez banaanaa

jhuuTii zabaan denaa

jhuuTii sachchii haa.nknaa

jhuuTii sachchii kahnaa


baat ka.Dvii lagnaa

kokh jhuuTii karnaa

duulhaa-duulahn mil ga.e jhuuTii pa.Dii baraat

baat kii zi.D lagnaa

baato.n me.n lagaanaa

engage a person in conversation

baate.n lagaanaa

backbite, speak ill of, calumniate, misrepresent

baat me.n baTTaa lagnaa

baat lagnaa

baat dil ko lagnaa

mu.nh kii miiThii, haath kii jhuuTii

baato.n kaa baaG lagaanaa

bha.ngii kii zaat kyaa jhuuTe kii baat kyaa

baat bhaarii lagnaa

baat par lagnaa


baat tiir lagnaa

baat me.n baat


baato.n kii taraf kaan lagaanaa

baat kii Thes lagnaa

baat jii ko lagnaa

words to ring true, look credible

baat-baat me.n

baat so baat

baat kii baat

commonplace remark

baat kii baat me.n

instantly, immediately, in no time

baat me.n baat aanaa


ka.Dvii baat

tart or harsh words


every now and then, without a valid reason, whimsically, unreasonably

baat chhe.Dnaa

initiate a discussion on something

baat chhi.Dnaa

baat me.n baat honaa

kudak.Diyaa.n lagaanaa

da.Da.nge lagaanaa

baste, tack

hu.Dda.nge lagaanaa

baat me.n baat nikalnaa

baat me.n baat milaanaa

baat me.n baat nikaalnaa

baaT pa.Dnaa

baaT paka.Dnaa

baat u.Daanaa

evade discussion, spread rumour, imitate, copy

baat ja.Dnaa

baat ba.Dhnaa

Meaning of jhuuTii baat lagaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

jhuuTii baat lagaanaa

झूटी बात लगानाجُھوٹی بات لَگانا

Critique us (jhuuTii baat lagaanaa)




جُھوٹی بات لَگانا کے اردو معانی

فعل متعدی

  • رک : جھوٹی سچّی لگانا .

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