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ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.Dnaa

ja.D se ukhaa.Dnaa

root out, uproot, extirpate

ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.D phe.nknaa

ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.D denaa

ja.D pe.D se

ja.D pe.D se khod kar phe.nk denaa

ja.D se ukhe.Dnaa

ja.D pe.D suu.n uupaa.Dnaa

ja.D pe.D

root and branch, the whole

ja.D uukhaa.Dnaa

ja.D buniyaad se ukhe.Dnaa

ja.D-pe.D kaaTnaa

ja.D-pe.D panapnaa

pe.D 'alii dhattaa jis kii ja.D hai na pattaa

zamiin se ukhaa.Dnaa

hatte se ukhaa.Dnaa

ja.D buniyaad se

ja.D se ukhaa.D phe.nknaa

ja.D se ukhe.D phe.nknaa

ja.D se kaaTnaa

ja.D se qalam honaa

ja.D ukhe.Dnaa

pull out the root, root out

ja.D ukha.Dnaa

aam khaane se Garaz yaa pe.D se

ja.D se

ja.D se bair, patto.n se yaarii

ja.D se naak kaaTnaa

denigrate, defame

ja.D se bar , patto.n se yaarii

naak ja.D se kaaT denaa

ja.D buniyaad se hil jaanaa

ja.D se bair, patto.n se iKHlaas

aam khaane se Garaz rakho pe.D se nahii.n

enjoy the opportunity without being curious about details

pe.D se matlab hai yaa aam khaane se

eat the fruit, don't count the trees

naak ja.D se kaT jaanaa

niiche se ja.D kaaTnaa uupar se KHair-KHvaahii karnaa

pe.D bo.e babuul ke to aam kahaa.n se khaa.e

as you sow, so shall you reap, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

pe.D phal hii se pahchaanaa jaataa hai

a man is known by his deed

pe.D phal se hii pahchaanaa jaataa hai

rahe to Tek se, jaa.e to ja.D beKH se

rahe to neg se, jaa.e to ja.D beKH se

imlii kii ja.D se niklaa patang

paanii se pahle paa.D baa.ndhnaa

paanii se pahle paa.D pul baa.ndhnaa

qadam ukhaa.Dnaa

duniyaa se naa-paid honaa

paa.nv ukhaa.Dnaa

to move (one) from his place, intention, or resolution

paa.nv ukhaa.Dnaa

force someone to give up his home or intention

daa.nt ukhaa.Dnaa

extract tooth (of someone)

qil'a ukhaa.Dnaa


uproot, pull out, dig up, extract, separate, detach, dislocate (a joint of body), peel off, waste, weed out, ravage, demolish, destroy, displace, dislodge, dismiss, expel, oust

haDDiyaa.n ukhaa.Dnaa

levaa ukhaa.Dnaa

buniyaad ukhaa.Dnaa

pashm ukhaa.Dnaa

to injure, wound

parda ukhaa.Dnaa

jhaa.nT ukhaa.Dnaa

ga.Dii haDDiyaa.n ukhaa.Dnaa

ga.Dii baate.n ukhaa.Dnaa

ga.De murde ukhaa.Dnaa

dig up old grievances, dig up old feuds

ga.De ko.ile ukhaa.Dnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.Dnaa

जड़ पेड़ से उखाड़नाجَڑ پیڑ سے اُکھاڑنا

جَڑ پیڑ سے اُکھاڑنا کے اردو معانی

  • ۔جڑ پیڑ سے کھود کر پھینکنا۔ بیخ و بنیاد سےاکھاڑنا۔ نیست نابود کرنا۔ اُجاڑنا۔

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ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.Dnaa

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