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jaan chhupaanaa

jaan ko chhupaanaa


conceal, hide, cover, obscure

chaa.nd chhupaanaa

to change like moon

mu.nh chhupaanaa

hide one's face (from), avoid meeting (someone)

dil chhupaanaa

jiiv chhupaanaa

mu.nh chhupaanaa

raaz chhupaanaa

shanaaKHt chhupaanaa

To hide your identity

'aib chhupaanaa

daaman me.n chhupaanaa

nazaro.n me.n Gubaar chhupaanaa

laakh pardo.n me.n chhupaanaa

saat pardo.n me.n chhupaanaa

daaman tale chhupaanaa

cover, screen, conceal or hide

girebaa.n me.n mu.nh chhupaanaa

kafan me.n mu.nh chhupaanaa

jii chhupaanaa

juutaa chhupaanaa

a convention in Indian marriages in which the bride's sisters hide the groom's shoe and ask for money in return

sar chhupaanaa

satr chhupaanaa

mohabbat chhupaanaa

nazar se chhupaanaa

daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa

attempt to conceal from one who is in the know

mu.nh ko chhupaanaa

naaKHun chhupaanaa

guuh kii tarah chhupaanaa

gaalo.n kii jhurriyaa.n chhupaanaa

KHaak miyaane chhupaanaa

saath sonaa aur mu.nh chhupaanaa

saath so kar mu.nh chhupaanaa

billii ke guu kii tarah chhupaanaa

be highly secretive

muu.n chhuupaanaa


jaan me.n jaan aanaa

be comforted, revive, be revived, regain hope or equanimity, feel no longer worried

jaan dha.Daknaa

jaan chhi.Daknaa

be deeply devoted to, be ready to sacrifice one's life for, love dearly, be ready to lay down one's life for love

jaan chho.Dnaa

jaan chhu.Daanaa

rid (oneself) of, get rid of, escape

jaan me.n jaan honaa

jaan la.Dnaa

jaan pha.Daknaa

jaan bha.Daknaa

jaan ku.Dhaanaa

jaan u.Dnaa

jaan paka.Dnaa

jaan to.Dnaa

jaan la.Daanaa

jaan ga.nvaanaa


jaan ko jaan samajhnaa


jaan kaa chhaa.D


the soul of life, the dearest one, the beloved

jaan la.Daa denaa

na.ii jaan pa.Dnaa

jaan kaa Tuk.Daa

very lovely, very sweet, beloved, a piece of heart



Meaning of jaan chhupaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

jaan chhupaanaa

जान छुपानाجان چُھپانا

Critique (jaan chhupaanaa)





जान छुपाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • पहलू तही करना, बहाना करना, हीला करना

جان چُھپانا کے اردو معانی


  • پہلو تہی کرنا، بہانہ کرنا، حیلہ کرنا
  • حیلہ ڈھونڈنا

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