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prayers, acts of worship


the essence of worship


speciality of prayer

muqaffaa-o-musajja' 'ibaarat

muqaffaa-o-musajja' 'ibaarat

'ibrat ba.Dhnaa

'ibrat paka.Dnaa

'ibrat paka.Dnaa

be warned, learn a lesson




painting to learn a lesson from


baraat cha.Dhaanaa

baaruut u.Dnaa

baraat cha.Dhnaa

he setting out of the bridegroom in procession (to the house of the bride)

'ibaadat chho.Dnaa

abandoning the worship of God

jhaa.ii.n maa.ii.n kavve kii baraat

a kind of children's game in Subcontinental India

kauvvo.n kii baraat

(Kids) the crowd of cows


anguish arising out, lesson learnt from other's sufferings


admonitory, serving as a warning, exemplary

jahaa.n duulha vahaa.n baraat

the men stands with his leader

baaruut par dhar kar u.Daanaa

'iid piichhe Tar, baraat piichhe dhau.nsa

rejoicing after the festival is over and music after the wedding


(law) the text of evidence


duulhaa-duulahn mil ga.e jhuuTii pa.Dii baraat

baraat-e-'aashiqaa.n bar shaaKH-e-aahuu

false promise, the things that are not believable




traditional worship or servitude

'ibrat dilaanaa

teach a lesson (to), warn (of consequences), admonish

'ibrat dharnaa

nishaan-e-'ibrat ban.naa


world of wonder and learning from other's experiences

'ibrat kaa sabaq denaa



ornate or poetical expression, word-painting



writing on the back of a document


zeal, love of prayer, the dedication of God worship

maa.nge kaa taa.ngaa bu.Dhiyaa kii baraat

it is said to braggart


a learned, admonished ear


release order


resolution to acquit


mirror to learn a lesson from, a mirror of admonishment


image of something to learn a lesson from


worthy of learning a lesson from


hard worships like summer lent or fast or waking all night in prayers and worship

shab-baraat kaa gha.Daa

it is ritual among Muslims that on the day of Shabb-Barat they organize a "Fatiha' reciting and then distributed the food between beggars




baraat piichhe dhau.nsaa 'iid ke piichhe Tar

taking action when opportunity is lost


an incident to learn lesson from


lessons learnt from example


taking warning, warned, admonished

jahaa.n duulhaa tahaa.n baraat

ma'aash sadaa-barat

cash, money that should be paid for the purpose of distributing food between the poor and travelers

'ibaadat radd karnaa

worship not getting approval, to make ineffective


garden to learn lessons from, garden of admonition

Meaning ofSee meaning 'ibaaraat in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Arabic

Vazn : 1221

Singular: 'ibaarat

See meaning: 'ibaarat

Word Family: a-b-r

English meaning of 'ibaaraat

Noun, plural of plural

  • writings

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'इबारात के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, बहुवचन का बहुवचन

  • रचना, साहित्य से संबंधित कृति, किसी साहित्यिक कृति का निर्माण करना

عِبارات کے اردو معانی

اسم, جمع الجمع

  • (زبانی یا تحریری) بیان، مضمون، تحریر، اسلوب
  • تعبیر، ترکیب، بیان کرنا، نکل جانا، گزر جانا، وہ مطلب جو نثر میں بیان کیے جائے

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