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havaa khaa chuknaa

havaa ukha.D chuknaa

havaa khaa

havaa khaa duur ho

chal havaa khaa

havaa khaa aanaa

chaar dan aur havaa khaa lo

bakhe.Daa chuknaa

jhag.Daa chuknaa


(of debt) be repaid

qaziyya chuknaa

qarz chuknaa



havaa cho.Dnaa

break wind, fart

daamaasaahii chuknaa



qissa chuknaa

saudaa chuknaa


chewing, gnawing, eating

havaa chhu.Daanaa

qiimat chuknaa

rah chuknaa

daam chuknaa

havaa khaa.o

ta.Daaqaa khaa jaanaa

'aadat jam chuknaa

to become a habit (with), to be habituated

chhii chuknaa

paTTaa chuknaa

sun-sunaa chuknaa

zindagii ho chuknaa

khaa badnaa

zamiin khaa ga.ii yaa aasmaan khaa gayaa

aa chuknaa

ThanDii-ThanDii havaa khaa.o

nibaT chuknaa

jal chuknaa

ro chuknaa

mol chuknaa

mar chuknaa

sastaa chuknaa

kar chuknaa

to have performed or completed

gal chuknaa

luTaa chuknaa

jaa chuknaa

not to leave

khopa.Dii chaaT khaa jaanaa

hau.ns khaa ga.ii

darbaar ho chuknaa

dam ho chuknaa

haath dho chuknaa

giving up all hopes, being dejected

din ho chuknaa

ravaana ho chuknaa

daur ho chuknaa

nazro.n me.n khaa jaanaa

baate.n ho chuknaa

maut khaa ga.ii

khaa lenaa

khaa jaanaa

devour, swallow, consume, embezzle, forget, omit (something in the text), harass, tease, taunt

kushtii khaa jaanaa

kachchaa khaa jaanaa

ho chuknaa

be finished, be completed

Meaning of havaa khaa chuknaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

havaa khaa chuknaa

हवा खा चुकनाہَوا کھا چُکنا

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हवा खा चुकना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (जेल, पागलखाने वग़ैरा में) रह चिकना, रह कर आना

ہَوا کھا چُکنا کے اردو معانی


  • (جیل ، پاگل خانے وغیرہ میں) رہ چکنا ، رہ کر آنا ۔

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