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ha.nsii phuuT pa.Dnaa

phuuT pa.Dnaa

(of a disease) to break out, opinion to be divided, dissension or discord to occur

'illat phuuT pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii pa.Dnaa

vabaa phuuT pa.Dnaa

haiza phuuT pa.Dnaa

mu.nh se phuuT pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii kaa daura pa.Dnaa

baat ha.nsii me.n pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii kaa favvaara chhuuT pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii se peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii ke maare peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

pahaa.D phaT pa.Dnaa

phuuT-phuuT ronaa

phuuT-phuuT nikalnaa

nii.nd phaT pa.Dnaa

phuuT-phuuT bahnaa

ha.nsii u.Dvaanaa

phuuT phuuT ke ronaa

phuuT phuuT kar nikalnaa

break out (as an eruption)

phuuT phuuT ke

phuuT phuuT nikle

gho.Dii kii ha.nsii aur baalak kaa dukh jaanaa nahii.n pa.Dnnaa

phuuT phuTavval

squabble, wrangle, quarrel


daulat phaT pa.Dnaa

javaanii phaT pa.Dnaa

phaT pa.Dnaa

be abundant, be present in large quantities, be enraged, bitterly speak of grievances, to burst

phaaT pa.Dnaa

shabaab phaT pa.Dnaa

phuuT-phuuT kar ronaa

weep bitterly

ha.nsii uu.Daanaa

ha.nsii u.Daanaa

ridicule, mock, deride

phuuT Dalvaanaa

ha.nsii u.Dnaa

chhat phaT pa.Dnaa

namak phuuT phuuT kar nikalnaa

be punished for ingratitude

taqdiir phuuT jaanaa

Gam kaa pahaa.D phaT pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii u.Dvaa denaa

mu.nh phuuT jaanaa

aasmaan phaT pa.Dnaa

be overwhelmed with calamities, rain heavily, have troubles, a catastrophe to occur

musiibat phaT pa.Dnaa

namak phuuT phuuT kar nikle

aa.nkhe.n phuuT jaa.e.n

ha.nsii me.n u.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

ha.nsii ha.nsii me.n

humorously, as a joke, in jest

dil me.n phuuT rakhnaa

dhaar phuuT nikalnaa

badan phuuT nikalnaa

diide phuuT jaanaa

badan phuuT jaanaa


zaKHm phuuT nikalnaa

gosh phuuT jaanaa


a kind of melon which splits up when ripe, crack, break, breach, split, fissure, rift, opening, gap, discord, dissension, quarrel, separation, root

bhaa.nDaa phuuT jaanaa

qismat phuuT jaanaa

get married with someone unsuitable or disagreeable

mu.nh se phuuT

Meaning ofSee meaning ha.nsii phuuT pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ha.nsii phuuT pa.Dnaa

हँसी फूट पड़नाہَنسی پُھوٹ پَڑنا

हँसी फूट पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • अकस्मात हँसी आना, हँसने लगना

ہَنسی پُھوٹ پَڑنا کے اردو معانی

  • بے اختیار ہنسی آنا ، ہنسنے لگنا ۔

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ha.nsii phuuT pa.Dnaa

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