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ha.nsii me.n ro.e denaa

ha.nsii me.n ro denaa

ha.nsii-ha.nsii me.n ro denaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daa denaa

dismiss with a joke, laugh something off

ha.nsii me.n Taal denaa

ha.nsii u.Dvaa denaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

baat ha.nsii me.n pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n u.D jaanaa

baat ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

laugh a matter off

ha.nsii me.n phuul jha.Dnaa

laughing in a pleasant way, some one's smile to be agreeable

ha.nsii me.n u.Daa jaanaa

ha.nsii ha.nsii me.n

humorously, as a joke, in jest

ha.nsii mazaaq me.n Taalnaa

ha.nsii se peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii-ha.nsii me.n hasavvaa honaa

ha.nsii me.n lenaa

ha.nsii me.n Taalnaa

to laugh something off, to fend off something while laughing

ha.nsii me.n Talnaa

ha.nsii me.n utarnaa

ha.nsii ke maare peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

kaano.n me.n ruu.ii denaa

haatho.n me.n de denaa

ha.nsii ke maare peT me.n bal pa.D jaanaa

kaan me.n ruu.ii denaa

to put the cotton in ear, (means) not listen to anyone, to be careless

maare ha.nsii kii peT me.n bal pa.D jaanaa

haath me.n de denaa

ha.nsii me.n kha.nsii

taunting or deriding in the guise of joking

ha.nsii me.n bakhelii bhel

ha.nsii me.n buraa kahnaa

ha.nsii me.n le jaanaa

baat ha.nsii me.n Daalnaa

Tuk.Daa saa to.D ke haath me.n de denaa

haath gardan me.n de kar nikaal denaa

kisii kaam me.n ro denaa

ho.nTo.n me.n ha.nsii kaa khelnaa

ro.e denaa

'ivaz me.n denaa

ha.nsii me.n pha.nsii ho jaanaa

dhu.e.n me.n u.Daa denaa

qabr me.n gaa.D denaa

zamiin me.n gaa.D denaa

vasiyyat me.n denaa

havaa me.n u.Daa denaa

qadmo.n me.n dam denaa

ThaTTe me.n u.Daa denaa

makke me.n jhaa.Duu denaa

ThaTThe me.n u.Daa denaa

ja.Do.n me.n paanii denaa

chuut.Do.n me.n haath denaa

chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa

makka me.n jhaa.Duu denaa

jannat me.n jhaa.Duu denaa

diivaar me.n chunvaa denaa

ku.e.n me.n dhakkaa denaa

dariyaa me.n 'ariiza denaa

ghar me.n jhaa.Duu denaa

shikanje me.n jaka.D denaa

Tho.Dii me.n haath denaa

cajole or appease (by touching someone's chin), flatter

Meaning ofSee meaning ha.nsii me.n ro.e denaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ha.nsii me.n ro.e denaa

हँसी में रोए देनाہَنسی میں روئے دینا

हँसी में रोए देना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • ۲۔ नज़रअंदाज कर देना, भूल जाना, मज़ाक़ में टाल देना
  • ۱۔ मज़ाक़ में बिगड़ना, मज़ाक़ का बुरा मानना नीज़ ज़्यादा हँसने की वजह से आँसू निकल आना (रुक : हंसी हंसी में रो देना)

ہَنسی میں روئے دینا کے اردو معانی

  • نظر انداز کر دینا ، بھول جانا ، مذاق میں ٹال دینا ۔
  • مذاق میں بگڑنا ، مذاق کا ُبرا ماننا نیز زیادہ ہنسنے کی وجہ سے آنسو نکل آنا (رک : ہنسی ہنسی میں رو دینا)

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ha.nsii me.n ro.e denaa

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