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ha.nsii-KHushii me.n rakhnaa

ha.nsii KHushii se

gladly, happily


happily, merrily

ha.nsii me.n u.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daa denaa

dismiss with a joke, laugh something off

baat ha.nsii me.n pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n u.D jaanaa

baat ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

laugh a matter off

ha.nsii me.n phuul jha.Dnaa

laughing in a pleasant way, some one's smile to be agreeable

ha.nsii me.n u.Daa jaanaa

KHushii me.n phuulnaa

KHushii me.n aanaa

be pleased

ha.nsii ha.nsii me.n

humorously, as a joke, in jest

ha.nsii mazaaq me.n Taalnaa

KHushii me.n uma.nD jaanaa

ha.nsii me.n ro.e denaa

ha.nsii me.n Taal denaa

ha.nsii me.n ro denaa

ha.nsii se peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii-ha.nsii me.n hasavvaa honaa

ha.nsii me.n lenaa

ha.nsii me.n Taalnaa

to laugh something off, to fend off something while laughing

ha.nsii me.n Talnaa

ha.nsii me.n utarnaa

ha.nsii-ha.nsii me.n ro denaa

ha.nsii ke maare peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii ke maare peT me.n bal pa.D jaanaa

maare ha.nsii kii peT me.n bal pa.D jaanaa

ha.nsii-KHushii ke saath

ha.nsii me.n kha.nsii

taunting or deriding in the guise of joking

ha.nsii me.n bakhelii bhel

ha.nsii me.n buraa kahnaa

ha.nsii me.n le jaanaa

ha.nsii-KHushii kii baate.n karnaa

baat ha.nsii me.n Daalnaa

ha.nsii-KHuushii kaa saudaa

talla.D me.n rakhnaa

vaz' me.n rakhnaa

godak.De me.n chu.Dhaa.e rakhnaa

numaa.ish me.n rakhnaa

haazirii me.n kha.Daa rakhnaa

ravish me.n paa.nv rakhnaa

duniyaa me.n qadam rakhnaa

fiqre me.n rakhnaa

hifaazat me.n rakhnaa

to place in security or in safe custody, to guard

haafiza me.n rakhnaa

dhoke me.n rakhnaa

keep one in a delusion, feed with false hope or promises

girah me.n baa.ndh rakhnaa

chhuchhliyo.n me.n rakhnaa

rang kii KHushii man kaa saudaa

baatin-me.n 'adaavat rakhnaa

mu.nh me.n zabaan rakhnaa

zabaan mu.nh me.n rakhnaa

be able to speak

dil me.n yaad rakhnaa

dil me.n kuduurat rakhnaa

To harbour resentment, to bear malice.

mu.nh me.n zabaan rakhnaa

mizaaj me.n daKHl rakhnaa

have influence on

dil me.n rakhnaa

bear in mind, remember

dhuup me.n rakhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning ha.nsii-KHushii me.n rakhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ha.nsii-KHushii me.n rakhnaa

हँसी-ख़ुशी में रखनाہَنسی خُوشی میں رکھنا


हँसी-ख़ुशी में रखना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • ख़ुश रखना । उस वक़्त हंसी तो आई ख़ुदा तुमको हमेशा हंसी ख़ुशी में रखे

ہَنسی خُوشی میں رکھنا کے اردو معانی

  • خوش رکھنا ۔ اس وقت ہنسی تو آئی خدا تم کو ہمیشہ ہنسی خوشی میں رکھے ۔

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ha.nsii-KHushii me.n rakhnaa

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