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hal min qatiilin

haal haal me.n

shortly, recently

haal me.n qaal dahii me.n muusal

hal me.n jotnaa

haal me.n faal dahii me.n muusal

ghar me.n hal na baldiya maa.nge ek haldiya

haal me.n

recently, lately, of late, not long ago

KHuun me.n hal honaa

'ajiib haal me.n honaa

haal me.n laanaa

haal me.n aanaa

be in a state of ecstasy, be enraptured

haal hii me.n

har haal me.n KHush rahnaa

har haal me.n har tarah

badan me.n haal na rahnaa

har haal me.n

in every case or instance, in every respect, always

hai.n mard vahii puure jo har haal me.n KHush hai.n

ghar me.n hal na balaayaa, ye maa.nge iikh halaayaa

haal me.n mast honaa

sab apne apne haal me.n mubtalaa hai.n

aap apne haal me.n honaa

to be busy with one's own troubles

'uqda hal karnaa

solve a difficult problem

'uqda hal honaa

mushkile.n hal karnaa

hal haa.nkte kodo.n phaa.nkte

hal haa.nktaa kodo.n phaa.nktaa


naqsha hal karnaa

hal phirvaanaa

hal chalvaanaa




gadho.n ke hal chalvaanaa

gadho.n ke hal phirvaanaa

gadho.n kaa hal chalvaanaa

gadho.n kaa hal phirvaanaa



to go quickly, walk in haste

gadhe ke hal chalvaanaa

ruin, destroy


possessor of a plough



insoluble problem, intricate knot


is there more of it? once more! encore!


assessment according to the number of ploughs, the quantity of land under cultivation by any party

mu'amma hal karnaa

mu'ammaa hal karnaa

mu'amma hal honaa

mu'ammaa hal honaa

mushkil hal karnaa

musaavaat hal karnaa

savaal hal karnaa

Mathematics: separation of ingredients, divided into parts, i.e. find out the answer to the math question by following the principles of mathematics

haal haal chalnaa

go quickly, walk in haste


haal pa.Dnaa

gadhe kaa hal phirvaa denaa

gadho.n ke hal chalaanaa

gadho.n kaa hal chalaanaa

gadho.n ke hal phirnaa

gadho.n ke hal chalnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning hal min qatiilin in English, Hindi & Urdu

hal min qatiilin

हल मिन क़तीलिनہَل مِنْ قَتِیلٍ


हल मिन क़तीलिन के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (अरबी फ़िक़रा उर्दू में मुस्तामल) मुराद : है कोई मरने को तैय्यार, किस की मौत आई है (बतौर रजज़)

ہَل مِنْ قَتِیلٍ کے اردو معانی


  • (عربی فقرہ اُردو میں مستعمل) مراد : ہے کوئی مرنے کو تیار ، کس کی موت آئی ہے (بطور رجز) ۔

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hal min qatiilin

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