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habaab uThnaa

bubbles to rise, to bubble, froth, effervesce




bubbly, like a bubble, resembling a bubble, flimsy, short-lived


very frail or thin, slight or little

zindagii habaab hai

ma.Do.Daa uThnaa


qaziyya uThnaa

nishaan uThnaa

maro.D uThnaa

be very impatient or worried

ta.Dap uThnaa

become restless or uneasy

bha.Dak uThnaa

become incited

aa.nkh uThnaa


(a shop or business) be closed

dahak uThnaa

be lit up suddenly, burn up, glow up, become red with heat or fire

miTTii uThnaa


aa.ndhii uThnaa

qadam uThnaa

to walk, move, to runaway

daanaa-paanii uThnaa

gard uThnaa

la.ngar uThnaa

pha.Dak uThnaa

become eager, to be restless

jhag.Daa uThnaa

nazar uThnaa

zillat uThnaa

lo uThnaa

chain uThnaa

murde uThnaa

dard uThnaa

(of pain) to arise, have pain (in)

hashr me.n uThnaa

resurrecting on the doomsday

hu.Dak uThnaa

coming forth of the effect of a mad dog's bite

hisaab me.n uThnaa

diivaar uThnaa

mizaaj uThnaa

naaz uThnaa

KHarch uThnaa

(money) be spent

daaman jhaa.D kar uThnaa

be penniless

e'tibaar uThnaa

dimaaG uThnaa

dhu.aa.n uThnaa

be destroyed

aafat uThnaa

nafren uThnaa

harf uThnaa

kutte kii ha.Dak uThnaa

be affected with rabies, to go berserk

lazzat uThnaa

being relished, being enjoyed

me.n dard uThnaa

lahd se uThnaa

the state of the doomsday when the dead would rise out of their coffins

muhar uThnaa

seal to give good impression

halhalaa uThnaa

a dispute to start

haul uThnaa

being frightened

rivaaj uThnaa

naa'sh uThnaa

lifting a bier usually with a corpse

la.Daa.ii par uThnaa

ready for war

luukaa uThnaa

flaming, blazing

raahat uThnaa

paisaa uThnaa

taa'ziya uThnaa

me.nDhaa uThnaa

naqaab uThnaa

to come to light, become unveiled

Gubaar uThnaa

(cloud or dust) rise

qayaamat uThnaa

Meaning of habaab uThnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

habaab uThnaa

हबाब उठनाحَباب اُٹھْنا

Critique (habaab uThnaa)





Root word: habaab

English meaning of habaab uThnaa

  • bubbles to rise, to bubble, froth, effervesce

हबाब उठना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • बुलबुले पैदा होना, बुलबुले बनना, झाग उठना

حَباب اُٹھْنا کے اردو معانی

  • بلبلے پیدا ہونا، بلبے بننا

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