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girah me.n baa.ndhnaa

bear in mind, tie a knot in handkerchief, etc. for this purpose

havaa ko girah me.n baa.ndhnaa

havaa me.n girah baa.ndhnaa

girah baa.ndhnaa

always keep something in mind, take note, make a note, heed

baat girah baa.ndhnaa

girah gaa.nTh me.n

dil me.n girah pa.Dnaa

have bad blood against

havaa me.n girah denaa

a wild goose chase, try for something unattainable

band me.n girah denaa

aa.nchal me.n girah denaa

tie a knot in the corner of a dupatta as an aid to memory

rishta me.n girah denaa

girah me.n baa.ndh rakhnaa

dil me.n girah pa.D jaanaa

girah me.n honaa

have in one's possessions

girah me.n rahnaa

being in one's possessions

girah me.n rakhnaa

keep in one's pocket, keep, guard

girah me.n zar honaa

be rich, opulent

havaa me.n girah lagaanaa

girah me.n daam honaa

have riches, be opulent

dil me.n girah Daalnaa

dil me.n girah honaa

gaa.nTh girah me.n kuchh nahii.n

gaa.nTh girah me.n honaa

to possess money, being opulent

palluu me.n girah lagaanaa

knot the hem of a chador, etc. as a reminder

girah me.n kuchh honaa

gale me.n girah honaa

girah me.n maal honaa

girah me.n chaspaa honaa

Takaa girah me.n honaa

abruu me.n girah maarnaa

girah me.n paisaa honaa

be rich

girah me.n paisa honaa


peT me.n chiyuu.nTe kii girah honaa

girah me.n nahii.n kau.Dii , guTTe vaale hot

tiin me.n na terah me.n, na sutlii kii girah me.n

na tiin me.n na tera me.n, sutlii kii girah me.n

chii.nTe kii girah peT me.n honaa

eat sparingly

gaa.nTh girah me.n kau.Dii nahii.n gaTTe vaale hot

girah me.n kau.Dii nahii.n aur baazaar kii sair

trying to be a spendthrift in poverty

chyuu.nTe kii girah peT me.n honaa

to take a small amount of food, to eat a little

gaa.nTh girah me.n kau.Dii nahii.n, baa.nkepur kii sair

gaa.nTh girah me.n paisaa nahii.n, baa.nkepur kii sair

gaa.nTh me.n baa.ndhnaa

seize, acquire by force

aa.nchal me.n baa.ndhnaa

bear in mind

shikanje me.n baa.ndhnaa

palle me.n baa.ndhnaa

dum me.n namdaa baa.ndhnaa

gale me.n baa.ndhnaa

me.n KHayaal baa.ndhnaa

KHasiyo.n me.n taa.nt baa.ndhnaa

'alam me.n chillaa baa.ndhnaa

dil me.n KHayaal baa.ndhnaa

aa.nchal me.n baat baa.ndhnaa

to commit something to memory

baat aa.nchal me.n baa.ndhnaa

dum me.n khaTkhaTaa baa.ndhnaa

baat gaa.nTh me.n baa.ndhnaa

nukta-e-garah me.n baa.ndh lenaa

girah par girah pa.Dnaa

abruu me.n gaa.nTh baa.ndhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning girah me.n baa.ndhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

girah me.n baa.ndhnaa

गिरह में बाँधनाگِرَہ میں بان٘دْھنا


Tags: Figurative

English meaning of girah me.n baa.ndhnaa


  • bear in mind, tie a knot in handkerchief, etc. for this purpose
  • keep under close watch
  • take in possession
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गिरह में बाँधना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • याद रखना
  • किसी चीज़ को अपने क़ाबू या वश में कर लेना, क़ब्ज़े में लेना

گِرَہ میں بان٘دْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • کسی چیز کو اپنے قابو میں کر لینا، قبضے میں لینا
  • یاد رکھنا

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girah me.n baa.ndhnaa

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