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ghul-mil jaanaa

mix, be friends with


dissolved, mixed, intimate, compatible

ghul-mil kar baiThnaa

ghul jaanaa

become thin and lean, become soft and supple,get dissolved, turn into liquid

KHizaab ghul jaanaa

ghul-mil ke


ghul-mil kar rahnaa

be on very intimate terms, live in harmony

jaan ghul jaanaa

ghul-ghul ke kaa.nTaa ho jaanaa

ghul kar kaa.nTaa ho jaanaa

be very thin due to sickness or grief

fiqra mil jaanaa

mil jaanaa

be found, be recovered, be received, come together, come across, get mixed up, join together, be reconciled

paivand me.n paivand mil jaanaa

gavaah kaa mil jaanaa

miTTii me.n mil jaanaa

me'raaj mil jaanaa

'izzat KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

zahr mil jaanaa

hameshgii me.n mil jaanaa

mil-jul jaanaa

yaarii mil jaanaa

KHairiyat mil jaanaa



ghul-ghul kar marnaa

Peak and pine.

ghul-ghul ke marnaa

hil mil jaanaa

mix up (with people), be intimate

mohlat mil jaanaa

naam KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

lose one's reputation


miTTii se miTTii mil jaanaa

burial of the deceased

ghul-ghul kar baate.n karnaa

ghol ke pii jaanaa

kiyaa karaayaa KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

hard work or something done to go waste

miTTii miTTii ke saath mil jaanaa

maal u.D jaanaa

DaanDaa miinDaa mil jaanaa

laakh kaa ghar KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

ghul kar baiThnaa

mal jaanaa

bahut ghol-mel hai

haath mal-mal ke rah jaanaa

mil mil kar ronaa

ghaal mel kar denaa

panch mil KHudaa KHudaa mil panch

naama-e-aa'maal kaa dhoyaa jaanaa


familiarity, friendly relations

ghaal mel rakhnaa

establish friendly relations, be on close or intimate terms

mil-mil ke



kyaa mil jaa.egaa

mil chalnaa

mil aanaa

mil baiThnaa

come and sit together, live together in harmony or unity

miil haa miil

mile upon mile, very long distance

mil lenaa


combined, united



never received, will never get (it)


ghol denaa

Meaning of ghul-mil jaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ghul-mil jaanaa

घुल-मिल जानाگُھل مِل جانا

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English meaning of ghul-mil jaanaa


  • mix, be friends with
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گُھل مِل جانا کے اردو معانی


  • ایک جان ہوجانا، باہم بیحد ربط، وابستگی اور خلوص پیدا کرلینا، دوتی گان٘ٹھ لینا، نیز بے تکلف یا مانوس ہو جانا
  • پوری طرح آمیز ہوجانا، تحلیل ہوجانا، اچھی طرح شامل ہوجانا

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