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gazand pahu.nchaanaa

gaza.nd pahu.nchnaa

come to grief, suffer a loss, face a misfortune


harm, injury

gazand denaa

gazand aanaa

gazand uThaanaa

gazand honaa

become wounded, be traumatized

nafa' pahu.nchaanaa

faiz pahu.nchaanaa

do good, do favour, confer favours, give alms



to deliver

zarb-e-shadiid pahu.nchaanaa

cause to inflict grievous injury

mazarrat pahu.nchaanaa

rasad pahu.nchaanaa

arrange or send supplies for an army

aazaar pahu.nchaanaa

nuqsaan pahu.nchaanaa

to harm, inflict damage to a person or cause

vahii pahu.nchaanaa

paiGaam pahu.nchaanaa

convey or bring a message

havaa pahu.nchaanaa

sadma pahu.nchaanaa

hidaayat pahu.nchaanaa

darvaaze tak pahu.nchaanaa

zaKHm pahu.nchaanaa

zarb pahu.nchaanaa

savaab pahu.nchaanaa

zahmat pahu.nchaanaa

haq pahu.nchaanaa

zarar pahu.nchaanaa

hurt, harm,

dukh pahu.nchaanaa

zak pahu.nchaanaa

mauqa' baham pahu.nchaanaa

to give opportunity

takliif pahu.nchaanaa

se.nk pahu.nchaanaa

'arsh par pahu.nchaanaa

qabr me.n pahu.nchaanaa

manzil-e-maqsuud par pahu.nchaanaa

to attain one's purpose

qadam tak pahu.nchaanaa

'arsh par dimaaG pahu.nchaanaa

baat pahu.nchaanaa

put across, carry news or convey a matter to someone

aaseb pahu.nchaanaa

baham pahu.nchaanaa

provide, supply, acquire, procure, gather

aaraam pahu.nchaanaa

KHabar pahu.nchaanaa

give information, send word

buKHaar pahu.nchaanaa

kaan me.n pahu.nchaanaa

a.njaam ko pahu.nchaanaa

bring to an end

me'raaj par pahu.nchaanaa

kumak pahu.nchaanaa

ghaaTaa pahu.nchaanaa

salaam pahu.nchaanaa

risaalat pahu.nchaanaa

daad ko pahu.nchaanaa

payaam-e-ajal pahu.nchaanaa

aasmaan par dimaaG pahu.nchaanaa

kahii.n kaa kahii.n pahu.nchaanaa

ghar tak pahu.nchaanaa

convince someone

me'raaj-e-kamaal par pahu.nchaanaa

to make someone reach the zenith

ruuh ko farhat pahu.nchaanaa

kamaal ko pahu.nchaanaa

bring or develop (something) to perfection, make perfect

aasmaan par pahu.nchaanaa

Meaning of gazand pahu.nchaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

gazand pahu.nchaanaa

गज़ंद पहुँचानाگَزَنْد پَہنچانا

Critique (gazand pahu.nchaanaa)




गज़ंद पहुँचाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • जीवन, संपत्ति और प्रतिष्ठा पर किसी भी प्रकार का आघात पहुँचाना

گَزَنْد پَہنچانا کے اردو معانی


  • کسی قسم کا صدمہ جان ومال اور آبرو کے متعلق پہنچانا

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