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gardan kaa bojh utaarnaa

gardan kaa bojh utarnaa

gardan kaa bojh

qarz kaa bojh utaarnaa

dil kaa bojh utaarnaa

sar kaa bojh utaarnaa

gardan par bojh lenaa

to be thankful, to be grateful

bojh utaarnaa

relieve oneself of a responsibility, perform or discharge a duty

gardan par bojh rahnaa

gardan par bojh honaa

be pressed down (by an obligation or sin)

gardan utaarnaa

sar se bojh utaarnaa

gardan se juvaa utaarnaa

throw off the yoke (of), be free, be liberated

sar kaa bojh utarnaa

ghar kaa bojh pa.Dnaa

gadhe kaa bojh

karmo.n kaa bojh

the burden of one's bad deeds

zamiin kaa bojh

la.ngar kaa bojh

very heavy

ghar kaa bojh

sar kaa bojh

kii laaThii das kaa bojh

ghar kaa bojh uThaanaa

bear household expenses, be responsible for the upkeep of the house, maintain one's family

do-chaar kii laaThii ek aadmii kaa bojh

bojh utarnaa

dil kaa bojh halkaa karnaa

gardan kaa Doraa

ghar kaa bojh sambhaalnaa

das kii laaThii ek jane kaa bojh

sau kii laaThii ek kaa bojh

gardan kaa mankaa

gardan kaa haar ban.naa

bojh paka.Dnaa

bojh pa.Dnaa


wise man, wise guy, one who has an answer for every question

gardan kaa mankaa Dhalaknaa

be about to die

gaa.n.D gardan kaa hosh na rahnaa

das paa.nch kii laaThii ek jane kaa bojh

sar kaa bojh halkaa honaa

sar kaa chhuddaa utaarnaa

haathii kaa bojh haathii hii uThaaataa hai


bojh sa.nbhaalnaa

take the responsibility

saat paa.nch kii laaThii ek jane kaa bojh

bojh tale dabnaa

be indebted, be burdened

pariyo.n kaa taKHt utaarnaa

gather an assembly of beauties

sar par bojh pa.Dnaa


burden, load, on one's hand, weight, bundle, pack, pressure, drag, onus, responsibility, obligation


myth, delusion, responsibility

bojh Daalnaa

bojh uThnaa

bojh uThaanaa

take a responsibility upon oneself

bojh baTaanaa

share a responsibility

bojh Taalnaa

apnaa bojh

bojh rakhnaa

havaa bojh naap

gardan kii zanjiir

zamiin kii gardan

jitnii aamad utnaa bojh

Meaning of gardan kaa bojh utaarnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

gardan kaa bojh utaarnaa

गर्दन का बोझ उतारनाگَرْدَن کا بوجھ اُتارْنا

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गर्दन का बोझ उतारना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ज़िम्मेदारी से आज़ाद करना

گَرْدَن کا بوجھ اُتارْنا کے اردو معانی


  • ذمّہ داری سے سبکدوش کرنا

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