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gaa.n.D me.n thuuk lagaanaa

thuuk lagaanaa

apply spittle

mu.nh me.n thuuk balonaa

thuuk me.n sattuu nahii.n sante

thuuk me.n pako.De nahii.n tale jaate

gaa.n.D me.n mirche.n lagnaa

gaa.n.D me.n pata.nge lagnaa

mu.nh me.n thuuk lipTaa jaanaa

gaa.n.D me.n chunchune lagnaa

thuuk tere janam me.n

gaa.n.D me.n thuuknaa

gaa.n.D me.n ghusnaa

nazro.n me.n lagaanaa

fiqre me.n lagaanaa

baato.n me.n lagaanaa

engage a person in conversation

rozii me.n lagaanaa

peshii me.n lagaanaa

mu.nh me.n lagaanaa

parde me.n zarda lagaanaa

(of a purdah observing woman) indulge secretly in carnal relationship with men

barf me.n lagaanaa

shaaKH me.n shaaKH lagaanaa

aasmaan me.n paivand lagaanaa

thuuk kar chho.Dnaa


saliva, spittle

gaa.n.D me.n u.nglii karnaa

gaa.n.D me.n ghus jaanaa

gaa.n.D me.n ghusaa jaanaa

thuuk denaa

renounce in disgust, insult, spit

havaa me.n girah lagaanaa

parde me.n girda lagaanaa

zaat me.n baTTaa lagaanaa

naamuus me.n dhabbaa lagaanaa

gaa.n.D me.n ghusaa rahnaa

patthar me.n jo.nk lagaanaa

zaat me.n baTTa lagaanaa

give a bad name

kuriyaal me.n Gulla lagaanaa

taak me.n lagaanaa

chaukii me.n lagaanaa

me.n aag lagaanaa

paal me.n lagaanaa

put into storage or on hold for future

hisaab me.n lagaanaa

including in transaction and accounts, credit with name

bujhnaa me.n lagaanaa

baat me.n lagaanaa

badan me.n aag lagaanaa

dil me.n lagan lagaanaa

baadal me.n thiglii lagaanaa

do some very difficult task

masjid me.n chuunaa lagaanaa

dil me.n aag lagaanaa

tan-badan me.n aag lagaanaa

thuuk uchhaalnaa

to argue unjustly, gossip

baat me.n chepiyaa.n lagaanaa

gaa.nD me.n ghuse jaanaa

flatter, wheedle, not to leave someone alone

khaprii mu.nh me.n lagaanaa

mu.nh me.n muhr lagaanaa

thuuk lagaa kar chho.Dnaa

baat me.n baTTaa lagaanaa

aabruu me.n baTTaa lagaanaa

doshaale me.n lapeT kar lagaanaa

ha.nDiyaa me.n haath lagaanaa

aa.nkho.n me.n KHaak lagaanaa

to bow down in reverence

Meaning of gaa.n.D me.n thuuk lagaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

gaa.n.D me.n thuuk lagaanaa

गाँड़ में थूक लगानाگان٘ڑ میں تُھوک لَگانا

Critique (gaa.n.D me.n thuuk lagaanaa)





गाँड़ में थूक लगाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (फ़ुहश , बाज़ारी) ज़लील करना, रुसवा करना , धोका देना

گان٘ڑ میں تُھوک لَگانا کے اردو معانی


  • (فحش ؛ بازاری) ذلیل کرنا ، رُسوا کرنا ؛ دھوکا دینا.

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