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dono.n taraf se jaanaa


on both sides

dono.n jahaa.n se jaanaa

taraf jaanaa

ulTii taraf se naak paka.Dnaa

do something easy in a complicated way

merii taraf se

from my direction, from me, from my side

taraf se

pag.Dii dono.n haatho.n se thaamnaa

to protect one's honour

dono.n haatho.n se sameTnaa

dono.n jahaa.n se khonaa

mu.nh qible kii taraf phir jaanaa

dono.n haatho.n se kalejaa thaamnaa

exhibit great fortitude in a great tragedy

aa.nkhe.n chaar taraf chakar-makar jaanaa

jis taraf se

from whichever side

dono.n haatho.n se salaam lenaa

dono.n miiThe saa

mulk-e-'adam kii taraf kuuch kar jaanaa

to die, pass away

dino.n se utar jaanaa

talvaar kaa dono.n baago.n se kasnaa

the sword made with high quality of metal

graph uupar kii taraf jaanaa

pag.Dii dono.n haatho.n se thaamii jaatii hai

dono.n haath se salaam karnaa

express disdain, show indifference

merii taraf se us ke dil me.n chor hai

taalii dono.n haatho.n se bajtii hai

it takes two to tango

dono.n ke dono.n

both, both of them

dono.n haath se taalii bajtii hai

friendship or enmity cannot begin or last till both sides do their part of work

hattho.n se ukha.D jaanaa

kanno.n se ukha.D jaanaa

sharm se ga.D jaanaa

dhamaak se lu.Dhak jaanaa

Gairat se ga.D jaanaa

duniyaa se u.D jaanaa

havaa se u.D jaanaa

fak se u.D jaanaa

to go up in smoke, explode

go.Dii haath se jaanaa

zannaaTe se jaanaa

taalii dono.n haath se bajaa kartii hai

hatthe se ukha.D jaanaa

be uprooted, be separated, be out of joint

vaa'de se badal jaanaa

to not keep one's promise

diin-duniyaa se jaanaa

kanno.n se jaanaa

phur se u.D jaanaa

fly away quietly and swiftly

bhak se u.D jaanaa

explode, blast, fly off

bhur se u.D jaanaa






supporter, defender, partisan, champion, partial, prejudiced, follower


all around, four sides

raah se jaanaa

baa.ii.n taraf aanaa

hatto.n se jaanaa

diin-o-duniyaa se jaanaa

fail to secure happiness in this world and the next

duniyaa se jaanaa

dhak se rah jaanaa

become motionless or paralysed due to shock or fear, be confounded, be struck with amazement or consternation

KHudaa.ii ek taraf joruu kaa bhaa.ii ek taraf

aadmiyyat se guzar jaanaa

laakh tadbiir ek taraf, ek taqdiir ek taraf

mu.nh se u.D jaanaa

jiyo.n se jaanaa

Meaning of dono.n taraf se jaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dono.n taraf se jaanaa

दोनों तरफ़ से जानाدونوں طَرَف سے جانا

Critique us (dono.n taraf se jaanaa)





दोनों तरफ़ से जाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • कहीं का ना रहना, सब के सामने बेइज़्ज़त होना

دونوں طَرَف سے جانا کے اردو معانی


  • کہیں کا نہ رہنا ، سب کے سامنے بے عزت ہونا

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