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do sar rakhnaa do sar daarad

predicting victory is difficult in war, either you win or lose in a war

qadmo.n par sar rakhnaa

sar rakhnaa

sar se qadam rakhnaa

do ko.Dii kaa na rakhnaa

paa.nv par sar rakhnaa

qadam sar par rakhnaa

sar qadam par rakhnaa

sar par qur.aan rakhnaa

sar par rakhnaa

To treat

sar par chhappar rakhnaa

zaanuu par sar rakhnaa

(met.) to be immersed in thought and deliberation

qur.aan sar par rakhnaa

juutiyaa.n sar par rakhnaa

do-do haath dekhnaa

sar-o-chashm par qadam rakhnaa

sar par aag rakhnaa

sar dekhnaa

sar aa.nkho.n par rakhnaa

do paise ser

very cheap, dirt


a double-edged sword

sar par saaya rakhnaa

chaar u.ngliyaa.n sar par rakhnaa

hatelii par sar rakhnaa

sar haath par rakhnaa

haath par sar rakhnaa

hathelii par sar rakhnaa

hathelii pe sar rakhnaa

haath sar par rakhnaa


do paise kaa ser bhar kar denaa

do-paTTaa sar se utaarnaa


twice sharped sword, tow sided sharped sword

sar khol ke du'aa maa.ngnaa

do-do haath dikhaanaa

sar dikhaanaa

have hair deloused

sar de maarnaa

be very anxious or restless, return something from anger or hatred


have a mild headache

de rakhnaa

ghuTno.n me.n sar de lenaa

chup.Dii aur do do

double advantageous, as per one's wishes, double the better

sar de-de maarnaa

to be desperate

do aur do chaar

two and two make four, allusion to something logical, true and straight

ghuTno.n me.n sar de ke baiThnaa

have one's head in his hands, be vanquished

yak na shud do shud

one misfortune on the heels of another

do gooder

do do haath karnaa


sher kii aa.nkh dekhnaa

shu'uur rakhnaa



do baate.n

a few words, little chat

daa.ii ke sar paan phuul

do laba.ii

do-do baate.n

do farz pa.Dhnaa


few, different, every two

do ko.Dii kaa

worth two cowries, worthless

do gaa.Daa maarnaa


in the two worlds

do bol pa.Dhvaanaa

get married (in a simple ceremony), marry a girl off in a quiet and inexpensive ceremony

Meaning of do sar rakhnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

do sar rakhnaa

दो सर रखनाدو سَر رَکْھنا

Critique (do sar rakhnaa)





दो सर रखना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • दो नतीजे निकलना या होना

دو سَر رَکْھنا کے اردو معانی

  • دو نتیجے نکلنا یا ہونا .

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