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naak do kaan salaamat pahu.nchnaa

naak do kaan salaamat ke kar aanaa

naak aur do kaan le kar bhaagnaa


do kaano.n me.n sar kar duu.ngaa

do kaano.n ke darmiyaan me.n sar kar duu.ngaa

do kaano.n ke biich me.n sar kar duu.ngaa

is kaan sunii us kaan u.Daa dii

kaan de sun.naa

hear attentively

kaan de ke sun.naa

kaan de kar sun.naa

kaan me.n ruu.ii de ke baiThnaa

kaan me.n u.nglii de rahnaa

be intentionally deaf to what is said

shaitaan ne kaan me.n phuu.nk maar dii hai

har ek ke kaan me.n shaitaan ne phuu.nk maar dii hai ki tere baraabar ko.ii nahii.n

kaan sun.naa duusre kaan u.Daanaa

kaan paka.Dvaanaa

kaan pak.Dii baa.ndii

is kaan sun.naa us kaan u.Daanaa

is kaan sun.naa us kaan u.Daa denaa

pay no heed, ignore, turn a deaf ear to, pay no attention to, disregard, in one ear out of the other

ba.De kaan kaa chamgaada.D

aavaaz kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

overhear, catch a sound

kaan me.n aavaaz pa.Dnaa

kaan na kha.D kha.Daanaa

kaan na pha.D pha.Daanaa


kan kii.De nikaalnaa

kaan sun.naa duusre kaan se nikaal denaa

kaan phaa.D denaa

aavaaz kaan tak pa.Dnaa





kaan chho.Dnaa

to cast aside modesty, to be impudent or brazen

bhai.ns pe duudh kan ne chho.Daa

kaan me.n kau.Dii pahan.naa

kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

listening, getting information and news, be aware of

chuut.Do.n se kaan gaa.nThnaa

kin vaqto.n kii

kaan bi.ndhvaanaa

get ears pierced (to wear some ornament), get ears bored

chaah kan raa chaah dar pesh

one who digs a pit for others falls himself

kaan paka.Dnaa

accept the supremacy (of), accept defeat, avoid, steer clear of, express remorse, hold one's own ears by way of repentance

kaan pha.Dkaanaa

kaan maro.Dnaa

pull, twist or wring the ears

kaan pho.Dnaa

to deafen (with a noise), to make a great or deafening noise

kaan pha.Dpha.Daanaa

to shake or flap the ears (a dog, regarded as a bad omen for a journey)

kaan pa.Dnaa

come to ears, be heard

kaan jhaa.Dnaa

kaan u.Daanaa

kaan phaa.Dnaa

kaan ukhaa.Dnaa

kaan u.Dnaa

kaan pa.Dii aavaaz nahii.n sunaa.ii detii

kaan kha.De kar denaa

kaan ke parde u.Daa denaa

chaar ke kaan aavaaz pa.Dnaa





kaan pa.Dii aavaaz sunaa.ii na denaa

be unable to hear due to din

Meaning ofSee meaning do-kan in English, Hindi & Urdu


दो-कनدو کَن

Origin: Sanskrit

दो-कन के हिंदी अर्थ


  • दोनों समय, सुबह और शाम, दिन-भर

دو کَن کے اردو معانی


  • دونوں وقت ، صبح و شام ، دن بھر .

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