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dimaaG ko sardii cha.Dh jaanaa

le.nDii dimaaG ko cha.Dh jaanaa

maGz ko cha.Dh jaanaa

affect the mind

nazar ko cha.Dh jaanaa

dimaaG charKH par cha.Dh jaanaa

dimaaG charKH nahum par cha.Dh jaanaa

cha.Dh jaanaa

to depart, leave, berate, scold or criticize angrily, to attack, to progress, elevate, lift up, to come into one's control, come into one's grasp, to become overwhelmed by an affect

sheKHii cha.Dh jaanaa

vaT cha.Dh jaanaa

to be angered

garmii cha.Dh jaanaa

thal cha.Dh jaanaa

cha.Dh kar jaanaa

nezo.n paanii cha.Dh jaanaa

sardii baiTh jaanaa

sardii maan jaanaa

kiraa.e par cha.Dh jaanaa

ka.Daake kii sardii

dimaaG ko garmii cha.Dhnaa


winter, cold, chilliness, coldness

sardii cha.Dhnaa

dimaaG kii garmii chha.nT jaanaa

darmaa.n ko jaanaa


cha.Dh ke

cha.Dh dau.Dnaa

dimaaG ko quvvat haasil honaa

shikaar ko jaanaa

dimaaG ko tabla-e-'attaar banaanaa

dimaaG bas jaanaa

dimaaG khisak jaanaa

go mad

dimaaG chal jaanaa

give oneself airs, be excessively proud

dimaaG nikal jaanaa

dimaaG ko aaraam milnaa

havaa-KHorii ko jaanaa



cha.Dh ban.naa

get the better of

sardii kaa mausam


dimaaG jaan ko mu'attar karnaa

pahu.nchaane ko jaanaa

lene ko jaanaa

me'raaj ko pahu.nch jaanaa

kau.Dii-kau.Dii ko bha.ngii ho jaanaa

be reduced to abject poverty


dry cold

cha.Dh aanaa

attack, invade

milne ko jaanaa

go to meet, visit

pataal ko jaanaa

mujre ko jaanaa

susraal ko jaanaa


huntsmen's cry for getting a prey out of bushes, battue

sar cha.Dh ke marnaa

vaqt ko par lag jaanaa

for time to fly or pass away quickly

mulk-e-'adam ko khisak jaanaa

to die, pass away

cha.Dh baiThnaa

berate, scold

dimaaG chhalnii ho jaanaa

dimaaG tabla-e-'attaar ban jaanaa cha.Dh ga.ii

dhaa.D cha.Dh aanaa

KHabar ko jaanaa

mu.nh ko zahr lag jaanaa

sar ko paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa

Meaning of dimaaG ko sardii cha.Dh jaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

dimaaG ko sardii cha.Dh jaanaa

दिमाग़ को सर्दी चढ़ जानाدِماغ کو سَرْدی چَڑْھ جانا

Critique (dimaaG ko sardii cha.Dh jaanaa)





दिमाग़ को सर्दी चढ़ जाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ज़ुकाम हो जाना

دِماغ کو سَرْدی چَڑْھ جانا کے اردو معانی


  • زکام ہو جانا

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