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dil ubhaarnaa

dil ubharnaa

nuquush ubhaarnaa

naqsh ubhaarnaa



valvale ubhaarnaa

jazbaat ubhaarnaa

design ubhaarnaa

daana ubhaarnaa

sar ubhaarnaa

siina ubhaarnaa


sar uubhaarnaa

dil dil aTkaanaa

dil me.n dil Daalnaa

put one's own heart or mind into (another), cause one to think or feel as oneself does

dil hii dil me.n

in one's heart of hearts, secretly, silently

dil hii dil me.n ku.Dhnaa

dil se dil aTaknaa

dil kii dil jaane

dil se dil milnaa

dil se dil milaanaa

dil dau.Daanaa

dil dau.Dnaa

dil dha.Daknaa

dil chho.Dnaa

dil to.Dnaa

break the heart, disappoint

dil u.Daanaa

dil ba.Dhaanaa

give (one) heart, encourage

dil ba.Dhnaa

dil ujaa.Dnaa

dil tu.Daanaa

dil u.Dnaa

dil pha.Dpha.Daanaa

dil ku.Dhaanaa

dil ma.Do.Dnaa

dil ukha.Dnaa

dil ku.Dhnaa

dil biga.Dnaa

dil jo.Dnaa

big.Daa dil

rebellious, reckless, self-willed, wild, cynical

dil ta.Dapnaa

dil phaa.Dnaa

dil pha.Dkaanaa

dil nicho.Dnaa

dil hii dil me.n bhunnaa

dil kii dil me.n rakhnaa



dil par dil aa.iina hai

dil kaa dil aa.iina hai

dil hii dil me.n ronaa

dil hii dil me.n kosnaa

dil hii dil me.n ghulnaa

dil hii dil me.n ghuTnaa

dil hii dil me.n kahnaa

dil hii dil me.n du'aa.e.n denaa

dil chhednaa

dil rau.ndnaa

dil baa.ndnaa

dil saa.ndnaa

Meaning of dil ubhaarnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dil ubhaarnaa

दिल उभारनाدِل اُبھارْنا

Critique us (dil ubhaarnaa)





दिल उभारना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ख़ाहिश पैदा करना, रग़बत दिलाना, हौसला बढ़ाना

دِل اُبھارْنا کے اردو معانی


  • خواہش پیدا کرنا ، رغبت دلانا ، حوصلہ بڑھانا.

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