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dil ke jale phaphole pho.Dnaa

dil ke phaphole pho.Dnaa

relieve a half-forgotten grief by venting pent-up feelings, rip up old sores, pay off old scores, give vent to anger by making harsh remarks (against someone)

jale dil ke phaphole to.Dnaa

jale phaphole pho.Dnaa

express rancour, express chagrin or resentment

jale dil ke phapole pho.Dnaa

give vent to one's chagrin or anger

phaphole pho.Dnaa

dil ke phaphole to.Dnaa

dil ke phaphole phuuTnaa

hathelii kaa phapholaa na pho.Dnaa

dil ke aable pho.Dnaa

dil me.n phaphole pa.Dnaa

mere dil ke aaj phaphuule phuuTe

jale phaphuule phuuTnaa

dil jalaa ke pakaa pho.Daa karnaa

dil kaa phapholaa phuuT bahnaa

dil ko hathelii kaa phapholaa karnaa

jale dil se

baadal dekh ke gha.Dae pho.Dnaa

havaa ke babuule pho.Dnaa

build castles in the air

paa.nv me.n phaphole pa.Dnaa

man ke laDDuu pho.Dnaa

hil ke phalii na pho.Dnaa

jale paa.nv kii billii

restless person, person who runs to and fro, roamer

jale paa.nv kaa kuttaa

jale paa.nv kii billii


heart in love, full of ardour, distressed


disappointed, cynic, one given to sarcasm

telii kaa tel jale mash'alchii muft ku.Dhe

be over-solicitous for something

gha.Dii me.n gaa.nv jale nau gha.Dii kaa bhadraa

gha.Dii me.n ghar jale nau gha.Dii kaa bhadraa

kolii kaa ghar jale qalandar ga.nDaa maa.nge

dil jalaa kar KHaak karnaa

tum aag ke jale hu.e ko se.nkte ho

jale ghar kii bale.nDii

ghar-ghar ke jaale lenaa kaa phapholaa

telii kaa tel jale mash'alachii kii jaan

jale ghar kii ballii

a useless thing

jale ghar kaa chhappar

kisii kaa ghar jale ko.ii taape

one man's house burns and another warms himself, (applied to those who are pleased with great misfortunes befalling others if they bring a small advantage to themselves), basking on other's misfortunes

ko.ii taape kisii kaa ghar jale

ghar ke jaale lenaa

chuu.Diyaa.n pho.Dnaa

baaniye kii baan na jale , kuttaa muute uThaa.e

jo.Daa pho.Dnaa

ja.D pho.Dnaa

dil ke Tuk.De u.Daanaa

muqaddar pho.Dnaa

spoil one's fortune

dil ke varaq u.Dnaa

dil phaa.Dnaa

dil ke bhed pa.Dhnaa

taqdiir pho.Dnaa

ghar ke jaale lete phirnaa

ghar ghar ke jaale buhaartii phirtii hai.n

baadal ko dekh kar gha.De pho.Dnaa

to act hastily and prematurely (which can be harmful)

abr ko dekh kar gha.De pho.Dnaa

dil ke armaan dil me.n rahnaa

dil ke dhu.e.n nikaalnaa

dil ke Tuk.De karnaa

dil ke Tuk.De honaa

Meaning ofSee meaning dil ke jale phaphole pho.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dil ke jale phaphole pho.Dnaa

दिल के जले फफोले फोड़्नाدِل کے جَلے پَھپھولے پھوڑْنا


दिल के जले फफोले फोड़्ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • रुक : दल के फफोले (फबोले) फोड़ना

دِل کے جَلے پَھپھولے پھوڑْنا کے اردو معانی

  • رک : دل کے پَھپھولے (پھبولے) پھوڑنا.

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dil ke jale phaphole pho.Dnaa

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