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diide badalnaa

tote kii tarah diide badalnaa

to be unfaithful, to be disloyal


alter, amend, modify, make different, change, vary

pot.De badalnaa

to change the nappy of patient

o.Dhnii badalnaa

(women) exchange mantles as a token of friendship

pag.Dii badalnaa

exchange turbans as a sign of brotherly relations

kap.De badalnaa

to change clothes

jo.Daa badalnaa

to change clothes

vaza' badalnaa

disguise oneself

zaa.iqa badalnaa

muqaddar badalnaa

twist of fate



nazre.n badalnaa

karvaTe.n badalnaa

'aadat badalnaa

qaa'ida badalnaa

ravish badalnaa

ruvaa.n badalnaa

mazaaq badalnaa

aavaaz badalnaa

kaa.ndhaa badalnaa

change in the person who is carrying away the dead

diide phaa.Dnaa

diide ga.Donaa

diide pho.Dnaa

zaaviya badalnaa

naqsha badalnaa

fashion badalnaa

dhaj badalnaa

raa.e badalnaa

dil badalnaa

rukhaa.ii badalnaa

salaah badalnaa

ruukhaa.ii badalnaa

mood badalnaa

jild badalnaa

daur badalnaa

parde badalnaa

do-paTTaa badalnaa

ravayya badalnaa

nazariyya badalnaa

chitvan badalnaa

tevrii badalnaa

mehvar badalnaa

tevar badalnaa

change mood or expression, change attitude to, glower, scowl

kandhaa badalnaa

(of a man carrying a litter) change shoulders

shakl badalnaa

karvaT badalnaa

nizaam badalnaa

zubaan badalnaa

change one's word, break one's promise

rozgaar badalnaa

zaanuu badalnaa

change posture while kneeling or sitting cross-legged

nazar badalnaa

change one's attitude from favourable to unfavourable

qismat badalnaa

mazaa badalnaa

nazm badalnaa

qaanuun badalnaa

mazmuun badalnaa

mizaaj badalnaa

kanotiyaa.n badalnaa

mizaaj-e-dahr badalnaa

Meaning of diide badalnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

diide badalnaa

दीदे बदलनाدِیدے بَدَلْنا

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दीदे बदलना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बेमुरव्वत होना, बेरुख़ होना

دِیدے بَدَلْنا کے اردو معانی


  • بے مروت ہونا ، بے رخ ہونا.

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