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diida la.Daanaa

diida la.Dnaa

Gauzii.n la.Daanaa

laa.D la.Daanaa

jo.D la.Daanaa

chi.Diyaa la.Daanaa

dimaaG la.Daanaa

muqaddar la.Daanaa

muqaddama la.Daanaa

to fight a case or cause (with), to go to law (with), to litigate, to prosecute

'aql la.Daanaa

she'r la.Daanaa


affray, battle, quarrel, enmity

shippaa la.Daanaa

keep on good terms (with), secure the good offices (of)

shippa la.Daanaa

parvar la.Daanaa

chaaquu la.Daanaa

tadbiir la.Daanaa

contrive a solution

mazmuun la.Daanaa

tevar la.Daanaa

nazar la.Daanaa

zubaan la.Daanaa

use abusive language, argue without reason

kanakvaa la.Daanaa

engage in a contest of flying paper-kites

qataar la.Daanaa

murG la.Daanaa

dhyaan la.Daanaa

qismat la.Daanaa

nigaah la.Daanaa

ogle, cast loving or amorous glances

nigah la.Daanaa

gosht la.Daanaa

zehn la.Daanaa

think, consider, exercise one's mental faculties

nainaa.n la.Daanaa

ga.n.D chuta.Diyaa.n la.Daanaa

tab' la.Daanaa

baate.n la.Daanaa

cho.nch la.Daanaa

have a quarrel with

aa.nkh la.Daanaa

gaze, hint with a wink, look amorously, exchange amorous glances

me.nDhaa la.Daanaa

me.nDhe la.Daanaa

to make two men fight and to see the spectacle

ghuu.nT la.Daanaa

Tu.nch la.Daanaa

gamble with a small sum, win slowly, try to earn much with a small outlay la.Daanaa

le.nDii la.Daanaa

cho.nche.n la.Daanaa

bill and coo

saa.njaa la.Daanaa la.Daanaa

tabii'at la.Daanaa

doing work with carefully, grapple mentally (with), tackle (a problem)

'aqlii gudde la.Daanaa

say at random, make a guess

zaTal qaafiye la.Daanaa

to talk nonsense, to boast

gap-shap la.Daanaa

fitrat la.Daanaa

to exercise (one's) skill or ingenuity, to practise artifices or stratagems, to plot and counterplot, to cheat, to shuffle

Takkar la.Daanaa


riggaa la.Daanaa

Tille la.Daanaa

sippaa la.Daanaa

to keep on good terms (with), to make interest (with), secure the good offices (of)

Tippas la.Daanaa

lay a foundation

saTaa-baTTaa la.Daanaa

aa.nT saa.nT la.Daanaa

engage in a conspiracy

do bagghaa la.Daanaa

peTii la.Daanaa

have sexual intercourse

ghaaghar la.Daanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning diida la.Daanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

diida la.Daanaa

दीदा लड़ानाدِیدَہ لَڑانا


दीदा लड़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • आँख लगाना, मुहब्बत करना

دِیدَہ لَڑانا کے اردو معانی

  • آنکھ لگانا ، محبت کرنا.

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diida la.Daanaa

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